Batwoman Has Big Plans For Hush In Season 2, But Will They Change After Ruby Rose's Exit?

hush batwoman season 2

Introduced as a rich realtor whose sole purpose in life was to be better than Bruce Wayne, Tommy Elliot, aka Hush, was clearly obsessed with all things Batman. At the end of Batwoman’s Season 1 finale, Alice bestowed Tommy with Bruce’s face so that he could walk right into Wayne’s company and retrieve the kryptonite Alice so badly wanted. Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries revealed some big plans for Hush in Season 2. But, could those plans change following Ruby Rose’s departure from the show?

Batwoman Season 1 was seemingly building up to a major confrontation between Kate Kane and Hush, but the freshman superhero series was cut short due to Hollywood-wide production shutdowns and lost out on two episodes. That said, the unintended season finale cliffhanger still worked in Batwoman’s favor and hinted at even bigger things to come for Tommy Elliot’s version of Bruce Wayne. Caroline Dries spoke about some of the Season 2 challenges he might be facing now that he’s masquerading as Gotham City’s millionaire playboy. Here’s what she told TVLine:

Well, there couldn’t have been a better person to impersonate Bruce. He’s going to have ‘the Bruce Wayne experience’ - he’s not going to waste a moment of his new lifestyle. But he will face obvious obstacles because the people Bruce surrounds himself with are cunning and wise, and they’ve seen antics like this before. Their guards will be up. . . . Yes, Tommy does know that Bruce is Batman, and he does know that Kate is Batwoman. That was a story point that we actually didn’t dramatize, but we articulated it at some point.

It sounds like Tommy will have to be mighty careful if he plans on pulling off his Bruce Wayne impersonation well enough to go undetected. Now that he has a new face, will Tommy even want the old one back? Gabriel Mann was such a great addition to the season that it’d be a shame if he never showed back up. Here’s what Dries had to say on whether we’ve seen the last of Mann as Tommy:

Not necessarily. Nope. He is so fun to work with…. I don’t have anything really in my mind planned, but when you meet a good actor, you find a way to keep working with them.

It's been just a few short days since we learned Ruby Rose was stepping down from her part as Batwoman. The role will be recast ahead of Season 2 and given a lot is in flux right now,  it’s possible that the dynamic with Hush could be tweaked to suit whatever storyline the writers will need to come up with to mask Rose’s exit.

However, Hush’s storyline might stay the same and only Kate’s will change. It’s also possible that the writing will ignore the fact that someone else will be playing the character at all, and carry on like nothing’s happened. It wouldn’t be the first time a TV show has done it, either. Of course, that’s all speculation at this point and there’s no way of knowing for sure how Ruby Rose’s departure will impact Batwoman in Season 2 until it’s confirmed by the series’ creative team and producers.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for updates. Season 1 is currently available to watch on The CW’s website. Batwoman Season 2 is scheduled to premiere in January 2021, alongside The Flash, Black Lightning, and freshman Arrowverse series Superman & Lois.

Mae Abdulbaki