How The Masked Singer Season 3 Winner Feels About The Backlash From The 'Haters'

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Spoilers obviously about the winner can be found in this post.

The Masked Singer just officially crowned its first female winner a few days ago. Kandi Burruss ultimately won Season 3 of the wild reality competition series, but her win did not come without a little hate from fans who think competitor Jesse McCartney should have won, fans who aren’t huge fans of Kandi Burruss or some combination of both.

Following the news of Kandi Burruss’ win breaking online, the singer has spoken out about her feelings regarding the haters. At first she intimated she didn’t have a lot to say to people who aren’t nice online, but then she expanded on her thoughts quite a bit, noting,

I don’t really have to say anything [to haters]. Actions speak louder than words. As I said on the show, I guess I said it best, ‘I’m embedded in your mf brain.’ This was the best answer to what was said to me, winning The Masked Singer the same week someone was trying to go around and say I wasn’t important or whatever just is like really funny to me, honestly. When people say stuff like that, I have to take this with a grain of salt… I have been blessed to have a lot of great accomplishments in life, thank god. When somebody says something like that to me, that’s the straight hater.

It’s been a pretty big deal that Kandi Burress won The Masked Singer Season 3. She was the first female to win the Fox competition series, following a Season 1 win by T-Pain and a Season 2 win from Wayne Brady. Although it hasn’t been like eight seasons with no female winner or some ridiculous stat like that, it’s still cool that a lady singer won this time around and from Burruss-Tucker’s comments to TMZ, she’s not letting the haters get her down.

The haters are real though. And lots of them are unhappy about Jesse McCartney losing to Kandi Burruss.

Others have taken some shots at her level of fame, although Burruss is a respected singer and songwriter who contributed to popular songs like TLC's "No Scrubs."  She is also in the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It hasn’t come up as often, but there are also a few head scratchers out there who wanted Bow Wow to win. (To note, the famous "frog" contestant has already spoken out about how he stayed in the game for so long.)

Meanwhile, Kandi Burruss has also admitted that taping on The Masked Singer happened a while back and she’s just grateful she’s finally able to share the news with people, whether or not they were rooting for her on the Fox series.

It feels amazing and it feels even more amazing now that I can actually share it with everybody. I’ve been keeping this secret for like three months now, four months now.

The Masked Singer has been renewed for Season 4 on Fox and we’ll have to wait and see if it debuts this fall, but Fox has been bullish on that front given it’s the network’s highest rated show.

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