The Masked Singer Winner Reveals How It Feels To Be The First Female Winner

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Spoilers ahead for the identity of the Masked Singer Season 3 champion.

Another season of The Masked Singer has come to an end, and none other than singer/song writer/television personality Kandi Burruss came out on top as the Night Angel. The competition was stiff in the finale thanks to the rapping Frog and the musical Turtle, but Burruss has officially made history as the first female winner of the hit Fox show.

Kandi Burruss shared her feelings about her status as the first woman to win the Masked Singer trophy during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, saying this:

Once I got used to everything that was happening on the show, I was like, ‘Wait a minute, no other woman has won this?’ I have to do it. That was my goal that got me through to the end.

The first season of The Masked Singer on Fox was won by T-Pain as Monster and the second was won by Wayne Brady as the Fox, and it wasn't until the Season 3 finale that viewers could be confident that Night Angel would take home the trophy. Bow Wow was the first unmasked in the finale as the Frog, and Jesse McCartney proved to be the man beneath the Turtle shell. Kudos to Kandi Burruss for coming out on top over Bow Wow in particular, who seemed unstoppable in Season 3 despite not actually singing!

Kandi Burruss also revealed that The Masked Singer actually reached out to her in the first season, but she was unable to participate because her R&B group, Xscape, reunited that year and she wasn't available. After seeing T-Pain competed and won, she was determined to try and do it if the opportunity arose again.

Prior to The Masked Singer, some of Kandi Burruss' biggest musical accomplishments include working with Xscape and writing songs for Destiny's Child, Whitney Houston, and TLC, winning a Grammy in 2000 for her writing contributions to arguably TLC's most famous song: "No Scrubs." Burruss shared what winning The Masked Singer helped her realize about her career beyond the Night Angel mask moving forward:

I think for a long time I hadn’t put out any music as a solo artist. And then doing the show, it just kind of like revitalized me and made me want to do music again.

Kandi Burruss hasn't wasted any time in pursuing a project as a musical artist since winning The Masked Singer, dropping a single called "Used to Love Me," featuring Todrick Hall and Precious. For fans who previously best knew her for her appearances on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta, perhaps The Masked Singer and her new single will put her on their radar as a musical artist as well. I think everybody can be glad that Night Angel went from terrifying to terrific on The Masked Singer, and that Burruss was available for Season 3!

But will Kandi Burruss be the only woman to win The Masked Singer moving forward? The hit Fox series was unsurprisingly renewed for Season 4 before Season 3 finished airing, and even the sing-along episode that fans were not happy about didn't turn viewers off from tuning in. Fox is currently aiming to bring The Masked Singer Season 4 to the airwaves in the fall, although only time will tell if networks are able to resume production in time and/or if The Masked Singer will be able to film Season 4 with a studio audience.

For now, Masked Singer fans looking for ways to occupy their time following the end of Season 3 and unmasking of Kandi Burruss can find some upcoming TV options on our 2020 summer premiere schedule.

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