How Betty White, 98, Is Doing During Quarantine

betty white quarantine

The inimitable Betty White is a living legend. At 98 years old, The Golden Girls alum still has a spring in her step and continues acting. However, when the recent health crisis firmly took hold in March, many worried that White would be affected like Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Blue Bloods’ Nick Cordero have been. As it turns out, White has been doing just fine while in quarantine.

A representative for Betty White confirmed (via Today) that the beloved actress is “doing very well” at home during quarantine. White has been keeping herself busy reading, doing crossword puzzles, and hanging out with the wildlife in her backyard, including two ducks that have taken to visiting the actress quite often.

According to Betty White’s rep, the Hot in Cleveland vet is also being assisted by helpers “who are great with her.” However, no one is allowed inside the actresses’ home unless they really have to be there. Besides keeping herself busy around the house, White has been maintaining her sense of humor throughout all of this and, whenever her publicist checks in with her, they share a lot of laughs.

All told, it sure sounds like Betty White is doing really well for herself and living her best quarantine life. Despite having to social distance, it seems like White is keeping herself occupied and staying safe throughout all of this. That’s great because I can’t imagine how fans would react if anything happened to her. White is an icon but, due to her age, staying healthy is more important than ever right now.

Back in late 2016, a fan even launched a GoFundMe campaign so that he could personally protect Betty White from anything that might come her way. That is, if she agreed to being protected and all that. The campaign was, at least in part, spurred by the fact that so many known actors, including Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher, died that year. White is a national treasure and fans wanted to ensure her safety. Flash forward to today, and it sounds like White is still finding a way to stay safe, healthy, and busy -- despite the fact that 2020 is inarguably much worse than 2016. Hopefully, White will continue doing well.

Betty White’s last project was voicing the animated Bitey White in Toy Story 4. Before that, she had recurring guest roles on the TV series Fireside Chat with Esther, Young and Hungry, and Bones.

Betty White can be seen in reruns of The Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland, which are streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime, respectively. For more on what to watch in the coming months, be sure to check out our 2020 summer TV premiere guide.

Mae Abdulbaki