Young Sheldon Just Landed A New Streaming Home

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Sheldon Cooper's Big Bang Theory spinoff has landed a new streaming home, and it will be neighbors with its predecessor series. Yes, there is yet another significant connection between Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory. This time the twist is that both will be streaming on HBO Max.

HBO Max is one of the newest streamers on the block and in its first week, it continues to dazzle with new additions. Already home to The Big Bang Theory and its twelve-season run, HBO Max has announced that it will be upping the ante by adding its spinoff, Young Sheldon, to its extensive library.

The news comes after HBO Max made big headlines with its sizable payout to secure the streaming rights to The Big Bang Theory. In closing the deal, HBO Max reportedly dished out a jaw-dropping $1 billion. Thanks to HBO Max investing in the franchise, fans will have decisions to make.

You will be able to choose if you want to start with Sheldon Cooper’s younger years before diving into his adulthood. Or start where the franchise began. If you do not want to break continuity like Young Sheldon has been willing to do, you may want to start your HBO Max binge with the still-airing series. The comedy’s third season wrapped early due to the coronavirus crisis.

Thanks to a two-season renewal beforehand, Young Sheldon will be back for a fourth at some point in the future. Until then, fans will be able to enjoy what the CBS comedy has had to offer up to now via HBO Max. That includes the series taking a giant step towards Big Bang during its Season 3 finale.

The news of HBO Max acquiring the streaming rights to Young Sheldon could not have come at a better time for the series. It is still relatively fresh off of its first without The Big Bang Theory as its lead-in. That is believed to have contributed to Young Sheldon experiencing a drop in the ratings this past season.

HBO Max can now give fans of The Big Bang Theory, who have missed it so far, the chance to catch up on the spinoff. Plus, provide the opportunity for those who missed both shows in the franchise to get in on what all the buzz has been about. Thus, potentially increasing Young Sheldon’s ratings when it returns. HBO Max is definitely earning that pricey monthly subscription.

HBO Max’s launch and The Big Bang Theory’s subsequent ability to be streamed has brought renewed interest in the series. Not that it needed much help. Kaley Cuoco recently paid tribute to the first anniversary of the show wrapping its incredible run. If you end up streaming Young Sheldon, you can hear Cuoco in an episode.

That is just one of the developments you can look forward to when you stream the comedy. Young Sheldon will be available to stream on HBO Max along with its predecessor series, The Big Bang Theory.

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