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Steve Harvey Was Stunned By Antoni Porowski's Family Feud Answer

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Another season of the Steve Harvey hosted Celebrity Family Feud kicked off this week, and it was old school vs. new school as the past and present casts of Queer Eye went head to head. As usual, there were many laughs to be had throughout the episode, including one in the form of an intriguing answer from Antoni Porowski which absolutely stunned Steve Harvey.

Granted, Steve Harvey being surprised is kind of his main shtick on this show, but I think, in this case, it was more why he was surprised that made the interaction with Antoni Porowski so hilarious. Porowski got a real softball question when going up against former Queer Eye cast member and long-time Chopped host Ted Allen, and somehow, managed mess it up in the most hilarious way.

Steve Harvey played up the moment for laughs, though I'm sure he had to be a bit shocked that Antoni Porowski didn't think to mention his name when asked. Alex Trebek is a good choice, of course, except when you're on Celebrity Family Feud where they survey people for the purpose of their answers being used on the show. It's obvious Harvey is going to be top of mind, and those willing to be surveyed would probably be more apt to say how hilarious he is compared to other television hosts.

Antoni Porowski's answer was the epitome of how the night went for the new school Queer Eye guys, who were one Karamo Brown short of the Fab Five. Brown was off shooting a movie according to his Instagram, so the team pulled in Season 4's Wesley Hamilton to play in his place. Hamilton didn't help the guys too much, though, and they struggled to match the high-level Family Feud gameplay of the OG Queer Eye cast.

The Netflix Queer Eye cast had a chance to stay in the game, but, unfortunately, Antoni Porowski was once again the cause of a lost round. When asked for something a wife would be mad about their husband for forgetting, Porowski said "picking up the kids," despite the clear desperation of Jonathan Van Ness to get him to say another answer.

Porowski struck out, and the OG Queer Eye team got the win off the exact answer Van Ness suggested. Van Ness went off the handle when it was announced, and had Steve Harvey and others in stitches as he repeatedly pointed out he was right and blasted his co-star for the answer. Poor Antoni just couldn't catch a break!

The Queer Eye showdown was just the start of this season of Celebrity Family Feud, as next week Andy Cohen will take on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Kevin Nealon will go head to head with Drew Carey. It has the potential to be just as much fun as the season opener, though I'll say that the Queer Eye casts really set a high bar that the rest of the season will have to live up to.

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