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Finally, The Flash Will Come Face To Face With A Long-Awaited Villain In Season 7

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The Flash has provided no shortage of rivals for Barry Allen to do battle with during its six seasons. However, there is one that fans have been wanting to see for a while, as they've only seen false versions of this villain so far. Well, put on your seat belts because Season 7 is when the genuine article will finally be racing onto the scene.

So what villain on The Flash is it? Well, the villain in question is Godspeed and, before you start to worry, this time, the real Godspeed will be making his (or her) on screen debut. Teasing this story development, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace told TVLine:

Yes, you just might… Because that’s where we’re going!

The Flash's most recent season’s finale left viewers with plenty of questions regarding the future, and this new piece of news only makes things even more intriguing. The prospect of seeing the actual Godspeed is exciting, to say the least. Unfortunately, it'll be a while before fans actually get a glimpse of the villain, as The Flash is not set to return until 2021. Nevertheless, this is quite the reveal to keep fans excited for what is to come when The Flash comes back.

The news comes a long time after Godspeed made his first TV appearance on the show, which happened back in spring of 2019. As mentioned, this Godspeed was an imposter and was followed by an onslaught of others.

After the disappointing reveal, The Flash’s then-showrunner Todd Helbing consoled fans with the news that the show was not done with the fan-favorite villain. This also lines up with recent statements made by Eric Wallace. When teasing how long the Mirror Mistress would last as the series’ big bad, Wallace hinted at a new villain taking over her spot.

The Flash’s showrunner did not leave things there, either. He also hinted that Season 7’s big bad would be a “he” and that his story would explore how he connects to Barry and Iris. Considering this information on top of confirmation that Godspeed is re-entering the picture, it looks like we might have something, here.

I am just speculating, but Godspeed could (emphasis on could) very well be the Season 7 big bad that the series’ showrunner is referring to. Of course, at this point, there's no way to get a clear indication as to who will be playing Godspeed the character returns. When asked about a potential return earlier this year, BD Wong had said that he would be open to vocally reprising the role.

It remains to be seen if BD Wong ends up doing so and how The Flash handles the storyline. One thing that is for sure is that this will be new ground for Team Flash. Because they've only dealt with imposters up until now, they will have to figure out how to face the real deal.

Find out how Team Flash’s clash with the real Godspeed turns out when The Flash returns for Season 7 in early 2021 on The CW, which will be long after this summer’s premieres have come and gone. You can relive past seasons of The Flash on Netflix, where they are streaming alongside a lot of new 2020 content.

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