Who Fuller House's Biggest Surprise Guest Was For Final Season, According To Candace Cameron Bure

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Spoilers ahead for the final season of Fuller House on Netflix.

Fuller House wrapped up its final season with loads of nostalgia and a lot of surprise guests. So, who does Candace Cameron Bure think was the biggest? There were a lot of special stars to choose from, and Bure has a pick. Sadly, Bure and her selection did not share a scene together.

First, here is some context for that surprise guest’s cameo. The climactic series finale saw Kimmy, DJ, and Stephanie prepping to tie the knot with their respective beaus as friends and loved ones watched. Unfortunately for the she-wolf trio, their pastor had to step down at the last minute for what he claimed was a bigger wedding than the Fuller House characters’. “How rude!”

On the upside, Pastor Tim dropping out of the Fuller House triple wedding led to Danny and Joey (sans Jesse) having to audition contenders to fill his spot. Among those to throw their hat into the ring was none other than Candace Cameron Bure’s pick for the biggest surprise star. Bure told TV Insider:

I think [Blake McIver Ewing] was the standout surprise guest. I loved that he came back for it.

Yes, Blake McIver Ewing’s cameo was a standout moment in the final season. Fans of Full House will recall that Ewing played one of Michelle Tanner’s good friends, Derek Boyd. Michelle may not have ever made an appearance on Fuller House, but her good pal did. Without saying anything about being Derek, he performed for Danny and Joey before hearing “next.”

Derek was not done yet. Telling Danny and Joey that he had parked in the other direction, Derek returned and broke out into “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Yes, the same song that he battled stage-fright to perform on Full House. Derek has come a long way from those days. It was kind of him to be willing to come by to help Michelle’s sisters and their friend.

Michelle could not be there for her sisters’ weddings, but her friend managed to put in an appearance. For their part, Fuller House decided to not even try to get the Olsen twins back for the final season. Blake McIver Ewing, on the other hand, did answer the call and ended up joining in. He was not alone, as Candace Cameron Bure explained, saying:

We wanted to bring back everyone who was willing to come back. . . . Most of the people that were sitting there for the wedding pretty much came for free and just sat there because they wanted to be a part of the show.

How sweet is that? Clearly, Fuller House and its predecessor series meant a lot to the people who worked on it. Danny’s former flame, Vicky, even attended the triple wedding. Sadly, she and Danny remained “just friends” as the spinoff came to an end. And here I thought they would always be endgame when all was said and done.

Vicky ended up choosing a work promotion over marrying Danny back on Full House. Danny and Vicky still seemed at ease with another. As for Derek, I just wish he had also gotten a chance to sing, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” Derek also performed that on Full House with Michelle’s friend, Lisa. Despite that, I am happy with the way Fuller House left everyone’s living arrangements.

Check out all of the surprise guests (including Blake McIver Ewing) when you binge Fuller House’s last episodes on Netflix. The rest of the final season is one of 2020’s premieres. If you need something else to consider watching, peruse this summer’s sizzling schedule.

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