NBA Vet Steve Kerr's Hilarious Reason Why He Looked Scruffy For Michael Jordan's The Last Dance

Steve Kerr in ESPN's The Last Dance

ESPN’s The Last Dance took a deep dive into the history of the ‘90s era Chicago Bulls, which included in-depth conversations with a number of former players. One of these former Bulls was current Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who was actually wearing a team shirt during his chat. However, Kerr’s decision to sport Warriors gear wasn’t something he’d necessarily planned:

It was funny -- I had forgotten about the interview. So we came back from practice -- I completely spaced out, I got a workout at the gym where we practiced -- I come back to the hotel late (and) these guys are waiting in the lobby. They got this huge production. They had rented a suite. There's got to be 20 people in there and a million cameras. I felt so bad. I didn't even take a shower. I just ran up and did the interview.

So it would appear that Steve Kerr’s appearance was due to his rush to get ready for the interview. This is absolutely something all of us can relate to, as each of us has likely forgotten about an appointment or engagement and had to rush to get ready.

Despite everything, Steve Kerr told NBC Sports that he was fine with the fact that he was wearing a Warriors shirt, in the moment. But when he and his family sat down to watch the docuseries, the coach got a bit of unexpected criticism:

As soon as I sat down, I thought, 'I like this. I got my Warriors shirt on. This is gonna show pretty well. When we sat down to watch it (the actual documentary on TV), my daughter and my wife immediately turned to me and they said, 'You couldn't take a shower and fix your hair before the interview?'

This definitely proves that anyone, even a championship-winning coach, can get knocked down a few pegs by his family. Regardless, it’s still good to hear that Steve Kerr was relatively satisfied with his contribution to the documentary.

There are, however, a few other players who weren’t as pleased with their appearances in the docuseries, though it had nothing to do with the way they were dressed. Former Bulls player Horace Grant was unhappy with Michael Jordan accusing him of leaking locker room secrets to the press. Meanwhile, Jordan’s right-hand man, Scottie Pippen, was reportedly “livid” about how he was portrayed.

Steve Kerr was arguably viewed in a more positive light, with many reportedly learning things about the former sharpshooter that they didn’t know. This included the tragic death of his father. With this, you can’t imagine we’ll hear Kerr say much more about his inclusion in the series.

The Last Dance can be streamed on and will also be available to watch on Netflix this summer.

Erik Swann
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