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Gabriel Iglasias Reveals How Many Seasons Mr. Iglesias Would Need To Run On Netflix To Make Him 'Happy'

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For more than two decades, comedian Gabriel Iglesias has been winning over audiences with his family-friendly and lightly self-deprecating stand-up. That popularity has transferred quite well to Netflix through his half-hour comedy series Mr. Iglesias, which has popped up in the streaming services Top 10 TV shows in the days since Season 2 was released (on June 17). There's no sign from Netflix just yet about the show's future, but Iglesias himself has opened up about his own personal expectations.

Now with two seasons of a TV show under his belt – assuming the shorts he's wearing at the moment have belt loops – Gabriel Iglesias isn't ready to move on from the medium just yet. Here's how he put it to the Los Angeles Daily News when the topic came up that traditional sitcoms are such a rare thing these days.

We were just talking about that the other day. It’s awesome and it would be awesome to at least get three [seasons]. If we can get three I would be happy. If that’s as far as we got, it would be good.

Now, one can assume that Gabriel Iglesias would also be enthused and appreciative if Netflix ended up giving Mr. Iglesias another 7 seasons. But barring some of the most generous and wide-reaching contracts ever provided by any streaming service, the comedian says the magic number for happiness right now is three. Luckily for him and the rest of the show's cast and crew, it would only take one more announcement from Netflix to make it happen.

Realistically speaking, Mr. Iglesias does indeed have a decent shot at giving its star and E.P. a happy future. For one, even though the show's buzz factor is relatively quiet overall, it seems to be quite popular, judging by its Top 10 appearances and social media chatter. Plus, it's one of the rare multi-cam sitcoms that critics have been on board with just as much as audiences are, so Netflix is definitely aware how much broad appeal Gabriel Iglesias has.

Perhaps the most reassuring factor here is that Netflix has become notorious for cancelling series after three seasons – with obvious exceptions – which could help Mr. Iglesias' chances of returning for another ten episodes, even if it meant a looming cancellation on the horizon. The show's centralized location probably helps to keep the costs down, too, since there aren't any massive car chases or CGI planets or other budget-busting elements. Hopefully someone from Netflix is reading this and has already been extremely convinced by my foolproof argument.

Even though Gabriel Iglesias is now aiming to get another season of Mr. Iglesias in the works, having his own streaming TV show was not something that he purposefully dreamed about in the way that he longed for a future as a stand-up comedian. Here's how he put it:

Absolutely not. And that’s not being sarcastic at all. Dreams of sitcoms, movies, television roles, ehhh. I wanted to be a comic, tell jokes, travel the world.

With both his sitcom and some of his stand-up comedy specials as fixtures in Netflix's library, Gabriel Iglesias does get to travel the world in a sense, with his material able to be viewed by audiences all over the place. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Both seasons of Mr. Iglesias are available to stream now on Netflix. To see what else is coming to the streaming service soon, check out our 2020 Netflix premiere schedule, while our Summer 2020 TV schedule offers a wider scope about what the coming months will deliver.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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