Pauley Perrette Says Goodbye To Cancelled CBS Comedy Broke After Finale

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May was a tough month for many of us for several reasons, but former NCIS star Pauley Perrette had even more reason to be disappointed when her new CBS comedy, Broke, was cancelled about a month after the debut of its first season. As could be expected, Perrette had lots of hopes for the sitcom, and was enjoying being back on set after enduring a fairly tumultuous time on her former series, which she had been a part of since 2003. Broke was allowed to finish airing Season 1, though, and now Perrette has said a lovely goodbye to the show.

Broke's 13-episode first season was able to be completed before production shut downs took over Hollywood, so fans of the freshman sitcom were, at least, able to get a good taste of the family shenanigans which were on offer before the show left the air for good. The final episode aired just last night, and Pauley Perrette took to Twitter to say her last goodbye to the show. Take a look!

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Awww! I really do get the feeling that, even though they only had a short time together, the cast and crew of Broke managed to form some real bonds off camera. While Perrette spent a whopping 15 seasons on NCIS, and shocked fans by leaving the series in 2018, her departure from the show was not one filled with the kind of love and light she's had for her new "Broke family." There was a lot of controversy surrounding why she left, and it sounds like having Broke really helped Perrette get back in the game, though she is still close with some of her former NCIS castmates.

A few days after the series was cancelled, Pauley Perrette left a video message for fans on her social media to let them know that they had plenty of new episodes coming up, despite the cancellation, and noted that working on Broke was basically a balm for her soul after what she went through on NCIS, saying, in part:

...This show restored my faith in people, in this industry...Best people I’ve EVER worked with. Healed me. Changed me. Made me whole. So Blessed.

Broke followed Perette's Jackie, a feisty single mom, after she lets her snobby sister and brother-in-law move in once they lose all of their money. While there were plenty of tensions between the estranged family members because of class differences, it seems clear that none of that applied to the cast in real life.

Pauley Perrette also made sure to thank the fans for watching Broke, and briefly mentioned how much the show meant to people. Aside from, obviously, giving jobs to the cast and crew, Perrette was likely talking about how the comedy could have helped lighten the emotional load of this time for its fans, by giving then something fun, family-oriented and uplifting to look forward to for a few weeks. One of Perrette's co-stars on Broke, Jaime Camil, had noted something similar just a few days after the show debuted, so I can imagine that she shared his feelings about the comedy helping viewers through the difficulty of the past few months.

Broke may be done on CBS, but you can revisit the series on CBS All Access. For more to watch in the coming weeks, be sure to check out our 2020 Netflix guide and see what else is coming to TV this summer!

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