Pauley Perrette Gushes About Michael Weatherly And Still Being Friends With Other NCIS Alums

Anthony DiNozzo and Abby Sciuto on NCIS are friends in real life.

There are some shows where cast members get along great and like to hang out outside of work and other shows where sets can be a bit icier. Although Pauley Perrette did reportedly have a little trouble while working on her former CBS show NCIS, there’s at least one co-star she still keeps tabs on and is friends with in real life: Michael Weatherly.

In fact, speaking as part of the promotion for CBS’ new comedy Broke, Pauley Perrette spoke out a bit about Michael Weatherly after the Bull actor (also on CBS) recently revealed he was set to watch Broke. She noted the actor is basically like her “brother.” Go ahead, cue the awws.

Michael Weatherly is like my brother. I love him more than anything on the planet Earth. He's awesome. I was just on the phone with Brian Dietzen last week. And CBS is home to me. The network and the studio has always been really, really good to me.

Pauley Perrette spoke warmly about Michael Weatherly in her conversation with USA Today and told the outlet she remains friends with many of her NCIS co-stars. The actress notably clashed on set over Mark Harmon bringing his dog around, an issue that made headlines when the actress wrote repeatedly about her former co-star on the Internet. (CBS later explained the situation had been resolved.) Yet, she still generally seems to have had a fond experience on the show and even stuck with the network for her next project, as well.

This isn't the first time it's been clear that Pauley Perrette and Michael Weatherly are chummy. Back when Pauley Perrette announced Broke was set to premiere in April, Michael Weatherly admitted he would absolutely be “recording” the show and he did so in a pretty amusing manner, noting,

Setting my VHS tape system to 'RECORD.' I may have to tape over an old Friends episode. Go P! April is right around the corner.

The two starred together on NCIS for years playing Abby Sciuto and Anthony DiNozzo on the popular series before Michael Weatherly left the show to headline Bull, which has now run for four seasons. Pauley Perrette followed, exiting NCIS at the tail end of the 2018 TV season, in an episode that hit ratings highs for that season of the long-running series.

After a short hiatus from TV, her new series Broke has enjoyed a pretty decent run on CBS so far, although its demographics skew a little older and it hasn’t broken the 1.0 rating barrier in the 18-49 demographic. Still, this past week’s episode landed around 5 million viewers in its Thursday night slot.

Broke stars Pauley Perrette, Jaime Camil, Natasha Leggero and Antonio Raul Corbo and airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET. Meanwhile, its sister network show Bull starring Michael Weatherly has one more episode left in Season 4, which is set to hit the schedule on May 4. It’ll have to compete with all the Star Wars stuff heading to Disney+ that day, but if there was any network fit for that, it would probably be CBS.

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