Kristin Cavallari And Jay Cutler Apparently Squashed Their Drama To Hang With Kids On Father’s Day

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Breaking up is pretty much always hard to do, whether both parties want the split or not. And, that is even more true when a couple has been together and married for several years, and has children to consider when going about getting a divorce. Fans of former Very Cavallari stars Kristin Cavallari and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jay Cutler, were surprised when the duo revealed that they were calling it quits back at the end of April, only to be even more shocked when things got ugly very quickly between the two. But, it looks like Cavallari and Cutler were able to patch things up enough to hang out with their kids on Father's Day.

In the almost two months since Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler announced their divorce, they've been through a rough series of ups and downs regarding the breakup and the terms for the split. This has likely led to a lot of negativity between them, which would probably make it difficult for them to be around each other, even for their three young children. But, while the couple did not appear to spend Mother's Day together in May, they may have come to some understandings recently, because they did spend Father's Day together over the weekend. Take a look at Cavallari's Instagram post to see what she had to say about their family visit:

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Well, it is nice that Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler seemed to have worked through at least enough of their issues to be able to celebrate this occasion with their kids. But, she did manage to pack a lot of info into that caption didn't she? There's quite a lot to pick apart there, especially considering what we've heard about their divorce up until now, so let's dig into what Cavallari said a bit.

First off, Cavallari and Cuter may have celebrated his special day together with their kids, but she did not make that fact public until the next day. I happen to think that she was probably just tired from a day of hanging with both the children and her ex, with what appears to be a chunk of that time happening outdoors at some sort of sportsball field. But, there are people in her comments who think she was being shady by not posting this picture or wishing Cutler a happy Father's Day until Monday. I can withhold judgement there, though, because divorce is hard and sometimes you need to get some licks in to feel OK...OK?

Then, Kristin Cavallari reveals something kind of big, noting that they all spent their time at her new house. If you've been following news on their divorce, you might remember that Cavallari getting her own place during this time was not an easy thing. Court documents have indicated that she began looking for her own home in the fall of last year, only to stop when she and Cuter decided to try and work things out.

After the family's vacation in the Bahamas turned into an extended quarantine and they were finally able to return to Nashville, both realized the romance was done, and Cavallari started house hunting again. She said in divorce documents that Cutler had been making "inappropriate statements to and about" her in front of the kids, in what she felt was an effort to start arguments with their children watching. But, Cutler, who had apparently told her he would not leave the home, got their joint business manager to refuse to release the money Cavallari would need to get a new home.

Kristin Cavallari had asked that a judge force the release of her part of the couple's shared funds so that she could get out of the house and live with her children, so that must have been done since she made her request, which was shortly after announcing the divorce to the public. Cavallari spoke up in mid-May about quarantining with her kids at Very Cavallari co-star and celebrity hairstylist Justin Anderson's house, so it's good that she was able to get a place before too long.

The other big thing that Cavallari noted in her caption, is that she and Cutler now seem to be "navigating" "co-parenting," and doing it "the best way we know how," which is already a big change from just a few weeks ago. She even saw fit to say that their kids are lucky to have him, and hope that they take after him and "get a smidge of that heart of gold," which is not something people typically say about someone who, allegedly, made them cry at work all the time.

I really do hope that Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are truly on their way to being able to divorce without public slings and arrows being thrown about. And, with their time as a family on Father's Day, it looks like that might really be the way forward for them.

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