Hawaii Five-0 Vet Daniel Dae Kim Has A Spooky New TV Show In The Works

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Hawaii Five-0 veteran Daniel Dae Kim has a new TV show in the works, and it sounds scary! Kim has been a significant presence in front of the camera through the years, and his new project will put him behind it. The actor is set to produce the haunting series.

What is this mysterious new series? THR reports that Daniel Dae Kim is teaming with Amazon for an unusual take on the “classic ghost story” by bending genre norms. The potential series is titled Tether, and it is from writers Kevin Hamedani and Travis Betz. Kim is executively producing it. What is it about?

Tether follows Madelyn Woods, a wife and mother on a mission to find her husband and son, who have been kidnapped. Madelyn’s goal is to find them and exact revenge on their kidnappers, who are the same people who murdered her. Because she is a murder victim, Madelyn is no longer among the living, existing as a ghost.

“Tethered” (hence the title) to the house she was killed in, Madelyn has to figure out a way to escape her home-turned-supernatural prison to save her husband and son. If you are on the edge of your seat, you are not alone. For those hoping to see Daniel Dae Kim on board in a starring capacity if the show gets the green light, there seem to be no plans for him to do so at this point.

Daniel Dae Kim has a first-look deal with Amazon Studios, and being the fantastic actor that he is you have to imagine a role would be his for the taking. Tether marks Kim’s 3AD production company's first project from that deal. While I would love to see Kim in a starring capacity in Tether (if it gets picked up) it is good news for those of us who are loving him in New Amsterdam.

The Hawaii Five-0 veteran joined the cast of the NBC medical drama earlier this year as Dr. Cassian Shin. At the time of his joining New Amsterdam, it was in a recurring capacity. The show is coming back for a third season, so I hope that changes to series regular status soon. Daniel Dae Kim agreeing to star in Tether if it gets picked up by Amazon could theoretically mess with his ability to do so.

Amazon has been changing its output of sci-fi series over the years, although Tether probably falls more in the horror genre with the ghost and murder situation. As its description says, it is defying genre norms with its storyline. Plus, Tether has a clever premise backing it up.

Stay tuned to see if Tether gets picked and for the latest on Daniel Dae Kim’s career. You can watch Kim in New Amsterdam when it returns sometime after this summer’s premieres on NBC.

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