New Amsterdam Creator Confirms Romance For Helen In Season 3

New Amsterdam Freema Agyeman Dr. Helen Sharpe NBC

New Amsterdam Freema Agyeman Dr. Helen Sharpe NBC

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New Amsterdam was one of the many shows forced to craft an unexpectedly early exit amid the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the medical drama’s sophomore season not ending with its initially planned finale, it still managed to end on a note reminiscent of one, as Dr. Helen Sharpe embarked on a new romance. Now, New Amsterdam’s creator is confirming that more romance is in store for Helen in Season 3.

When the NBC drama left off, Helen had begun to date Daniel Dae Kim’s new character, Dr. Cassian Shin, setting up the potential for Helen to be in the center of a love triangle in Season 3. Or at least, I hope so. New Amsterdam’s creator, David Schulner, teased Helen’s romance with Cassian, telling TV Guide:

Sharpe and Cassian are going to become a thing. They're good for each other, and it's great for her to see that Max's way isn't the only way.

As someone who was blown away by the chemistry between Cassian and Helen, I am excited to hear this from New Amsterdam’s creator. The show evidently knows that it has a marvelous coupling on its hands, and I look forward to seeing their relationship unfold in Season 3.

Upon initially meeting on New Amsterdam, Cassian and Helen clashed at first, before she grew to appreciate his approach. I'm honestly sucker for couples (with spectacular chemistry) who get together after not originally liking each other, and Helen and Cassian have it all going for them!

Is David Schulner’s mention of Max’s “way” a reference to Helen seeing him as a romantic direction? I'm not entirely clear, though what is evident is that New Amsterdam is not letting the pairing between Helen and Cassian slip through its fingers.

After having to pull the epidemic episode that New Amsterdam had planned, Daniel Dae Kim made his debut in last season’s finale. Kim’s retooled entrance gave fans a telling glimpse of the incredible chemistry between Kim’s Cassian and Freema Agyeman’s Helen. This development now puts a pairing between Max and Helen further out of reach for now.

While the noteworthy (and heart-soaring) chemistry between Max and Helen has been a talking point since New Amsterdam began, fans are still waiting for a romance to blossom. That is not to say that last season did not take a massive step towards acknowledging the romantic chemistry between the incredibly great friends. Max and Helen even almost kissed, despite his relationship with Alice.

Fast forward, and Max has broken up with Alice, but Helen has moved on with Cassian, indicating the potential beginnings of a beautiful love triangle between Cassian, Helen, and Max. Okay, so I am hoping for one – big time. While New Amsterdam’s creator is promising that fans will see Helen and Cassian becoming an item, the show could also acknowledge Max’s feelings about it in Season 3.

At least, I would imagine New Amsterdam would do that. It will have a lot going on when it returns. Helen’s romance with Cassian is compelling, so I will be in no hurry to see them break up. Of course, that's not to say I'm not torn over her and Max being endgame.

I'm just curious how long Daniel Dae Kim is going to stay on for Season 3, as he joined New Amsterdam in a recurring capacity. If he is going to romance Helen long-term, one will hope that status changes to that of a series regular.

I honestly ship Helen with both Cassian and Max at this point. Season 3 could have one of those genuine love triangles that makes the audience gets pulled in as many directions as its centerpiece (Helen) does. Thankfully, NBC’s mega-renewal (Season 3 – 5) guarantees there will be time to find out which direction Helen’s heart takes her.

New Amsterdam will return with romantic drama packed in for good measure when Season 3 premieres on NBC. A premiere date is still pending. While you wait for the medical show to return, you can indulge in this summer’s schedule.

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