Someone Flew A Drone Over The Big Brother House And We Might Finally Have Another Real Clue About Season 22

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Big Brother Season 22 news has slowed since the reports that the earliest the series may return to CBS is August, but it's not entirely dead. Fans are still hungry for any details about this potential all-star season, and it looks like we may have another real clue in regards to the theme of this season.

The latest gossip comes courtesy of a picture taken by a Twitter user who goes by BigBrotherBackyard. The account flew a drone over the house, took some pictures, and shared what they saw with others.

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In the photo, it looks like the backyard was littered with a bunch of piled up junk. That's not the part people are focusing on, but rather the mix of blue and pink shown on canvases throughout the yard. It looks like an attempt at some aesthetic, and the way it's patterned even has some thinking it could be a tie-dye design.

If this is the case, is it possible Big Brother is planning some sort of throwback theme or twist for Season 22? Themes are common for Big Brother, and with the heavily-reported rumors that this season will be an all-star season, perhaps the idea is that everything about the upcoming season of the reality series will be a blast from the past. That would certainly be a groovy twist, assuming that's what's going on here.

The pink and blue could be representative of some sort of "battle of the sexes" season, though a twist like that would limit the alliance aspect of Big Brother. Perhaps the colors are more representative of the show, which has used a pink house logo and a blue background in past promotional material. It could also just be a canvas for some colorful prop that was being constructed for the house, as it's not like anything in this house is ever neutral colored.

Fans are left to come up with theories as fear mounts that Big Brother Season 22 won't happen any time soon. CBS has finally admitted Survivor's next season won't happen in the fall, and as Los Angeles begins to roll back the activities people can do in the city, it's possible construction on the house will have to stop. As of last week, however, things were still rolling with construction, so it appears CBS is trying to make this season happen. In the meantime, fans can only cross their fingers and hope that they'll still see a season of Big Brother in 2020.

As mentioned, it's believed that CBS still intends to air Season 22 of Big Brother this summer. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the reality series, and the latest news happening in television and movies.

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