Big Brother All-Stars Merchandise Appears On CBS Website, Now What?

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After what felt like a scary time of uncertainty and unknowing, the Big Brother hype train is officially rolling once more in regards to Season 22. First, there were all the reports from sources about how things would be working behind the scenes and, now, it's looking like fans have the closest thing to confirmation from CBS yet that Season 22 is indeed an all-stars season.

The latest news comes from the CBS store, which has merchandise from everyone's favorite shows on the network. Monday morning, some new items appeared for Big Brother, and they were all adorned with the title Big Brother All-Stars. Check out what all was available earlier today, and continue for what this could mean beyond the fact that Big Brother is getting another all-star season:

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You gotta laugh at the masks, and I'm sure we may see a few of those throughout the upcoming season if indeed it is happening. It seems silly at this point to say it won't, though we still can't say anything is certain until CBS announces it all officially.

I would speculate though that if CBS has merch ready to roll, it won't be long until an official announcement will be made. This is really the first time CBS has openly been linked to something Big Brother All-Stars-related, and it's a possibility the leak was intentionally done to drum up fan excitement. Again, I can only speculate on that but, given all the trolling of Big Brother promoting other reality shows as of late, I can't help but feel just a bit suspicious.

And while fans have "known" Big Brother All-Stars has been happening for a while, there is some comfort in seeing that it exists through a CBS affiliated source. With all the trolling from former players and such, I'll personally say there was a part of me that was leery that Season 22 would be just another regular season with some entirely new houseguests.

It would still be better than a reality in which Big Brother wouldn't be airing in 2020, though it seems like the odds of that happening are decreasing. The show's crew has reportedly figured out a way to stagger throughout the competition, which eliminated the issue of the entire staff needing to be quarantined the entirety of the game. There's still a question of whether host Julie Chen will be on-site or not, but that's not a major thing I would imagine that would impact the season one way or another.

Big Brother Season 22 is still reported to be happening sometime this summer on CBS. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest news on the series, and more on the world of television and movies.

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