What Big Brother All-Stars Viewers Won't Be Seeing During The Live Premiere

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Big Brother All-Stars is set to kick off this week, and it's going to be a historic season for many reasons. One of those reasons is tied to the premiere which, for the first time ever, will be a two-hour, live move-in and cast reveal. The premiere will look much different because of that and, while there will be lots of new stuff to see, there will also be some things that won't be seen.

This may seem concerning to the average Big Brother fan, but Big Brother All-Stars' executive producer Allison Grodner teased some exciting things. Grodner spoke to EW about the upcoming season and shared about what will and won't be seen when Season 22 makes its debut:

For the first time ever, we are having a two-hour all-live premiere, which means that everything is happening as it's happening. And it's going to be expect the unexpected and a roller coaster ride for everybody. But in order to do this, we certainly have made this an incredibly active jam-packed two hours that is going to keep these all-stars really busy. So there's a lot going on. It's completely different than a regular premiere. You’re not going to see the players talking to us in the diary room. That's not possible on a live opening night to edit that in. So there'll be a lot of action and a lot of Julie guiding the conversation, but it's bound to be really exciting.

A Big Brother premiere without a diary room sounds like a huge change. Typically, the diary rooms are where viewers get some more personal thoughts from the players on how they feel about others in the house out the gate. Without them, there won't be a ton of opportunity for audiences to learn what's going on inside their heads, considering players are often only telling half-truths to others in the house while playing the game.

Audiences won't be entirely in the dark due to a lack of diary room, however, as Big Brother is not dealing with people entirely new to the experience. Alison Grodner explained that part of the reason this new format of the premiere is even possible is thanks to the cast:

For us, we realized we could really take the chance to do this because it's an all-stars cast and an all-stars cast that understands the process of Big Brother and just how things work. So we knew it'd be easier to do with a cast that’s been there before.

Two hours seems like a lot of time for Big Brother All-Stars to fill on live television but, with the cast reveal going down, time should go fast for fans. I'm eager to see what new twist awaits these veteran players, especially given Allison Grodner alluded to some changes happening in the game out of necessity. As always, I'm expecting the unexpected, though I'm hoping, by premiere night, we all have some idea of what to expect from this new season.

Big Brother All-Stars live two-hour premiere kicks off Wednesday, August 5 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on the reality series, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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