Chip And Joanna Gaines Announce Return Of Fixer Upper With Emotional Post

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It's somehow been a little over two years since Fixer Upper wrapped up its final episode on HGTV, with creators and stars Chip and Joanna Gaines having left the network in order to start their own design-focused TV empire dubbed Magnolia Network. The channel is gearing up to go wide on televisions across the nation in 2021, and when it does, it will now feature the return of Fixer Upper for a brand new season of shiplap-infused renovations.

While fans were no doubt hoping that Fixer Upper would get renewed life on Magnolia Network, it wasn't quite clear how quickly Chip and Joanna Gaines would be able to dive back into the show that helped turn the couple into household names. (Both in the sense that they're well-known, and that their names might very well be on your household decorations.) Fixer Upper's return was announced both via formal press release from Magnolia, and though a more personal post from Chip Gaines on Magnolia's website. Check out part of that message below, in which he talks about the relatively spontaneous decision to revive the unscripted hit.

I mean it when I say that it wasn’t more than a few weeks ago that we first talked about returning to the show. I mentioned it to Jo, fully expecting her to tell me I was crazy. But instead, in a real sincere way, she told me she’d been missing it too. I get that it all may seem a little impulsive and that might be true. But the more Jo and I talked it over, the more we began to see it for what it really is: an opportunity to get to share with you some of the projects we care most about.This past year, we have poured our hearts into content and programming for Magnolia Network. Searching for stories we believe the world needs to hear. Stories that bring us together, that let us see things in a whole new light. Stories that connect us to our roots, and to one another. And for Jo and me, it dawned on us that we wanted to be a part of this lineup with a new season of Fixer Upper.

While it seemed like putting Magnolia Network together might have created too hectic a schedule for Chip and Joanna Gaines to fall back into the on-screen duties that earned them so many millions of fans to begin with, it looks like the couple just couldn't stay away from the Fixer Upper brand for too long. (Even though the show's long hours are part of what drove them away to begin with.) It definitely makes sense from a business standpoint, considering Fixer Upper has been one of the most popular unscripted TV shows of the past decade, and was bringing in nearly 20 million weekly viewers for its fifth season on HGTV.

Perhaps to be expected, Chip Gaines admitted there is some nervousness attached to returning to the small screen for a new season of Fixer Upper, and he said he and Joanna "feel like a couple of kids trying our best to keep down a few butterflies." And he also said that fans should expect to see a few changes to the show when it returns, since the couple has learned a few things about the way they operate together in the years since the original run ceased production. Here's hoping the personal drama is kept to a minimum.

Fixer Upper wasn't the only show being announced by Magnolia Network, either, as seen below.

jonathan morris

Magnolia Network also ordered up the new show that's being tentatively titled Self Employed, which features the Fort Worth-based entrepreneur Jonathan Morris as he crosses the country to meet with the most mindful and inspiring small business owners to share stories of undeniable resilience, unstoppable ambitions and how hard it was to reach their dreams. As well, Magnolia ordered up a still-untitled project from interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn, in which he will bring his unique and diverse styles to any kind of decorating project, regardless of how big or small the budget is, as well as how big or small the space is.

At this point, Magnolia Network still doesn't have a specific launch date set in stone (or any other material), but fans can look forward to seeing Chip and Joanna return to TV in a huge way in 2021, with Fixer Upper definitely being part of start-up festivities. While waiting, check out our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule to see what else is coming to the small screen in the meantime.

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