Ellen DeGeneres Gets Support From Wife Portia De Rossi After Backlash

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2014)

In the wake of the allegations surrounding her long-running talk show, Ellen DeGeneres has come under significant fire over the past few weeks. At present, celebrities and viewers have called out DeGeneres, with some even demanding that she be replaced as the host of the show. There are, however, some who have come out in support of her, and the latest person to speak out on her behalf is her wife, Portia de Rossi.

De Rossi took to Instagram to show support for Ellen DeGeneres by posting an image with the caption “I Stand By Ellen.” In the post, de Rossi also thanked fans for their support throughout the situation:

To all our fans....we see you. Thank you for your support.

The message also included several hashtags, including #stopbotattacks. You can check out the original post for yourself down below:

A photo posted by on

The use of that particular hashtag appears to mean that Portia de Rossi attributes the bulk of the online backlash to automated social media accounts meant to stir up controversy within the situation.

Aside from fans, there haven’t been too many celebrities to publicly voice their support for Ellen DeGeneres at this point in time. One high-profile figure who has lent his support to her is media mogul Scooter Braun. He recently made his thoughts known in a social media post in which he accused people of merely wanting to “see people fail.” He also praised her work and applauded her efforts in working towards equality.

The first claims against The Ellen DeGeneres Show surfaced in April when employees claimed they were not being paid fairly while the show was filming episodes remotely. Employees also reported massive reductions in pay, with tensions reportedly rising even more due to the show contracting an outside audiovisual company for the remote phase. At the time, Warner Bros. Television release a statement admitting to a lack in communication between both sides but stated that employees were paid fairly.

More recently, former employees came forward and alleged that Ellen producers created a toxic work culture marked by fear and racial discrimination, among other things. And soon after, more employees accused some of the show’s top figures of sexual assault and misconduct.

None of these claims were aimed at Ellen DeGeneres specifically, but many employees believe she should have taken more responsibility for the state of the workplace. DeGeneres has since released a statement in which she thanked the crew for their efforts and promised to help create positive change behind the scenes.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is currently undergoing an internal investigation by Warner Bros. Television, with the aid of a third-party firm. This includes interviews with both current and former employees. While it’s hard to predict the future of the show, one producer has shot down the possibility of a cancellation. Keep it here at CinemaBlend for more updates on the situation as they arrive.

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