Kristin Cavallari Dropped A Picture With Ex-Flame Stephen And Laguna Beach Fans Have Thoughts

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There was a time on television when highlights were simpler and skirts were often pleated, and Kristin Cavallari had a bit of a rivalry with Lauren Conrad over one Stephen Colletti.  Laguna Beach has long come and gone and Kristen Cavallari grew up and had kids with former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Yet, now she’s in the throes of divorcing Cutler, and she recently dropped an image of herself spending time with her ex-flame (Colletti not Cutler). In an obvious sequence of events, the Internet is having a heyday contemplating the possibilities.

Here’s what happened. Kristin Cavallari recently caught up with her ex-flame Stephen Colletti in Laguna Beach, California as part of a trip to her old stomping grounds. She took a photo with Colletti and posted it on Instagram with a cutesy “2004 or 2020” caption.

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Clearly the pic is not a throwback, however, and the Internet seems to be in a tizzy over it. Even fellow MTV stars have gotten into the fun. Jersey Shore star Snooki is clearly fond of Laguna Beach as is her co-star Angelina Pivarnick, who both commented on the Instagram post, with the latter telling the Laguna Beach star to "get" her man. Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, commented with some fire emojis as well as the following statement:

Omg I am here for this.

It's not just other reality stars who got into the post. Justin Anderson, who oft works with Kristin Cavallari on her hair, also said what probably most of us are thinking when he noted:

Oh lord. Here come the internet rumors. You two haven’t aged a day.

Along with the more notable names in Hollywood commenting on this amazing reunion photo, a lot of fans also though sent out “pew pew” comments and finger guns or asked Kristin Cavallari to stop teasing them.

Mmmkayyy, give the people what they want!

Honestly, there would be something about an old Laguna Beach romance rekindling if that were true. However, Kristin Cavallari still only recently split from Jay Cutler and per TMZ she just returned to Laguna Beach to visit with Stephen Colletti along with another Alex Murrel, another cast member from the show. Earlier in 2020 Stephen Colletti even revealed the love triangle he famously played out on television felt like forever ago, noting to Us Weekly,

That was half my lifetime ago. I’m 34 years old and I was 17. We matured a little bit from 17 years old.

Though Cavallari managed to spark this fun Internet speculation all on her own given it came from an image she herself posted, for now it seems like the two former reality stars are still just friends. Although I suppose it’s still worth pointing out that Cavallari is newly single and that Colletti hasn’t been publicly tied with anyone recently. Not that there's anything there, though if fans following Cavallari are any indication, there's always an appetite for a cute story like this one to turn into something more.

Meanwhile, Kristin Cavallari recently dropped her Very Cavallari series. Stephen Colletti's last acting gig on the small screen was in 2018's Hometown Christmas. We'll keep you posted if any more high-profile gigs or any more romance news comes up. Obviously.

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