Holey Moley's Mr. Applesauce Might Be The Most Wholesome Thing On TV

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Spoilers ahead for the August 6 episode of Holey Moley Season 2.

The second season of Holey Moley has been packed with as many wild outfits, crazy gimmicks, and hot dog-based puns as viewers could expect after Season 1, but the latest episode delivered something unexpected: wholesomeness courtesy of a mini golfer known as "Mr. Applesauce." The Holey Moley competitor visited the show to putt his best and try to win his way to $250,000, and he was all about the applesauce in some hilarious ways that I for one really needed.

Mr. Applesauce, whose real name is James Aguilar, takes his applesauce seriously. Not only did he golf while wearing a shirt that says "IT'S APPLESAUCE TIME," but he also told himself to "think applesauce" when he was trying to focus and win the round of mini golf. His opponent's attempts to psych him out by betting him cans of applesauce failed, and his triumph was rewarded with a cooler dumped on his head like his team just won the Super Bowl.

Making it even better for him? The cooler was full of applesauce, and he just went ahead and started eating the applesauce that was left in the cooler. The man loves his applesauce, and he will not be stopped in his pursuit! If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, Mr. Applesauce might be the pinnacle of health for the rest of his life. I'm not even kidding when I say that his wholesomeness made the Holey Moley hijinks all the better in this episode.

Unfortunately, Mr. Applesauce didn't come out on top in this episode of Holey Moley, although he was surprisingly nimble on Double Dutch Courage, which has sent some self-described athletes plunging into the water. Who knew that a guy known for his love of applesauce would so easily make it past the windmills? Maybe more Holey Moley golfers should go on the applesauce diet before trying some of the obstacles.

I also wasn't the only person impressed by what Mr. Applesauce brought to Holey Moley, as more than a couple viewers took to social media in support of him.

Considering Mr. Applesauce held his own on the Holey Moley course and was only defeated due to a tricky hill situation, maybe we should all use "applesauce" as a new power word. If it worked for him, why not the rest of us? Of course, the rest of us might struggle to consume as much applesauce as the man named for it!

Mr. Applesauce works for the USPS when he's not celebrating his love of applesauce, which endeared him all the more to some viewers. If Holey Moley doubled as a gambling game, then a lot of bets might have been placed on the USPS putter! My money would have been on him, even if the odds weren't necessarily in his favor. It is a tough game, after all!

If only Mr. Applesauce hadn't been eliminated in this episode, his catchphrase might have really caught on! At the very least, Holey Moley fans might have been dying for "IT'S APPLESAUCE TIME" t-shirts. I'd wear one! Commentator Rob Riggle, on the other hand, might not. He explained why he doesn't eat applesauce, to the delight of more than one Twitter user:

At the end of the day, will Mr. Applesauce go down as one of the most memorable competitors of Holey Moley Season 2? It's hard to say. There are a lot of wild costumes and outlandish putters who are willing to brave significant obstacles in the hope of $250,000, so he has competition. That said, I'm left with one powerful mantra:

You don't have to dump a cooler full of the stuff on your own head to follow Mr. Applesauce's example of thinking applesauce. And hey, just because he didn't win doesn't mean his wholesomeness wasn't a joy to watch on this episode of Holey Moley. Maybe ABC can follow CBS' example with Big Brother All-Stars and produce an all-stars Holey Moley season to bring Mr. Applesauce back. He's a star in my heart!

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