The New Girl Cast Members Who Will Show Up In Jake Johnson's New Netflix Show Hoops

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Despite having ended in Spring 2018, New Girl is the kind of show that fans will always have right next to their hearts, and the kind of cast that viewers will follow from project to project. Jake Johnson's newest show, Netflix's extremely explicit comedy Hoops, will feature quite a few actors from both New Girl's main cast and some recurring characters throughout its seven-season run, although with many more F-bombs than people might be expecting from the animated comedy.

For Hoops' Comic-Con@Home panel, Jake Johnson and other cast members (and creator Ben Hoffman) spoke at large for the first time about the streaming comedy, which centers on Johnson's foul-mouthed high school basketball coach Ben Hopkins. During the panel, the conversation turned to just how many former New Girl actors would be appearing. In the first place, Max Greenfield served as moderator while rocking a most un-Schmidt-like mustache. At one point, it was revealed that Greenfield himself will appear in Hoops. Here's what the actor had to say about it:

I play the ethics professor, but only in two episodes.

Max Greenfield showing up for two episodes is better than him showing up for no episodes, amirite? Even though his character Lonnie's ethics might be slightly suspect in any scene that Jake Johnson's shameless Ben is at the center of. You can take a look at the two characters they're playing in the pic below, which features the traditional character dynamic of Ben smiling sheepishly while another character glares at him.

hoops jake johnson's ben and max greenfield's lonnie

What's more, it was also revealed that Max Greenfield's New Girl romantic interest Hannah Simone is also a part of Hoops' first season. That said, no information was disclosed about what role she would be taking, so viewers should take it as a challenge to try and figure out who she's playing whenever the season comes out.

Hoops' Jake Johnson did offer up some details about who New Girl vet Damon Wayans Jr. will be playing, though. While he won't be reprising the Fox comedy's role of "Coach," he will indeed be playing an actual coach. Here's what Johnson said about it:

Damon played my kinda-nemesis that Rob [Riggle]’s character obviously is crazy about. Rob and Damon got to do stuff together and Rob really loved him. Damon’s always beating me in everything [in the show].

Which brings us to the main Hoops ensemble, where Rob Riggle is part of the fun as Ben's steakhouse-owning dad, who is sorta played up as being a douche, but actually seems completely normal in retrospect since Ben is clearly the way bigger asshole. In any case, New Girl fans will remember Rob Riggle recurring as the overbearing cousin Big Schmidt. And Hoops' other stars Cleo King and Rob Funches also appeared in a couple of New Girl eps themselves, as noted below.

Ron Funches - street musician in "First Date"Cleo King - Sergeant Darado in "Background Check"Rob Riggle - Big Schmidt in "Parents," "Big Mama P" and "Road Trip"

Jake Johnson and Hoops creator Ben Hoffman also threw out another few Hoops co-stars that viewers can expect to hear, and it shouldn't surprise anyone at this point in the story that a few of those additional names are also comedy actors who popped up on New Girl in the past. That shortlist is below, noting who they played and the eps they appeared in.

Eric Edelstein - Elvis in "Chicago"Steve Berg - Cheese in "D-Day"Sam Richardson - Dunston in "The Apartment" and "Where the Road Goes"

So by all means, save for Zooey Deschanel and Lamorne Morris, Hoops is probably the biggest setting for a New Girl reunion that fans could ever hope for, even though none of it is happening in live-action. But that's perfectly fine, though, since Hoops definitely wouldn't work as well as a live-action series.

While you'll also be able to find Jake Johnson in ABC's Stumptown at some point in the future, you can hear him on Hoops when it debuts on Netflix on Friday, August 21. Check out our 2020 Netflix schedule to see what other big shows are debuting soon on the streaming service, and then hit up our 2020 Fall TV schedule to see what the rest of the television spectrum has to offer.

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