Watch Paul Rudd's Adorable Reaction To Super Bowl 2020 And Meeting The Chiefs After Win

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When the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 2020 last night, my first thought was for Paul Rudd. I am not a big football fan, but I knew Marvel's Ant-Man star was a Chiefs superfan and he'd been waiting literally all 50 of his years for the Chiefs to win another Super Bowl.

Paul Rudd was born in New Jersey but spent most of his youth in Kansas and graduated from the University of Kansas. He's a regular at Kansas City games and the Chiefs locker room -- rocking his 87 jersey for tight end Travis Kelce. The Chiefs know Paul Rudd, and not just as an actor, but they've never seen him as excited as he was last night when the Chiefs pulled out a win over the 49-ers.

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It's impossible not to be happy for him! Paul Rudd went to the Super Bowl LIV game in Miami with his son Jack, who is also a superfan.

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In fact, both Rudds got interviewed after the Super Bowl, as if Paul Rudd was actually one of the champions:

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In still another interview, Paul Rudd joked that he's going to have to host a kegger at his mom's house to celebrate the Chiefs' win:

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Paul Rudd isn't the only celebrity superfan of the Kansas City Chiefs. Modern Family star and Kansas native Eric Stonestreet was also rooting hard for the Chiefs. Rudd's fellow Avenger Jeremy Renner was also at the game, along with Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Teller.

Super Bowl 2020 had a lot of action on the field from Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's halftime show to that woman who got arrested and mooned everyone. Off the field, there was also Wilford Brimley to remind everyone he is NOT actually the Kansas City coach.

Now what? Paul Rudd gets to celebrate a bit longer, and then the star of Netflix's Living with Yourself will gear up to promote his role in July 2020's Ghostbusters: Afterlife and do whatever Ant-Man will do next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Super Bowl is over, but the Oscars are coming next this Sunday. Keep up with everything premiering in early 2020 with our handy TV schedule.

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