Yellowstone’s Real Life Cowboy Reflects On Which Scene Was The Most Special To Film

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Yellowstone is about a lot of things, and one of them is spotlighting the life of cowboys – what it means to be one and what it takes to remain one. There's no one better cast member to comment on that than real-life cowboy, Forrie J. Smith, who plays fan-favorite Lloyd. Now, well into Season 3, Smith is reflecting on which scene was the most special to film.

Season 3 is Forrie J. Smith's first as a series regular on Yellowstone, and Smith has been making the most out of this year. Throughout the season, Lloyd has done his best to continue mentoring the bunkhouse and offer emotional support to Rip and Jimmy. On top of this, he continues to be the best cowboy he can be at the ranch.

With such a strong season, it's natural to wonder what Forrie J. Smith's favorite scene was. Was it the scene where Rip asked Lloyd to be his best man at his wedding? Or was it something more so related to Lloyd's identity as a cowboy? Reflecting on the most special scene to do, Smith told TV Fanatic:

Getting to run with the horses was a great experience and something that I don't think they realize how special that is to get to do. Not too many situations you get to run with 150 head of horses. I know I never had got to run with that many. So it's pretty special. That was pretty special to me.

I believe the Season 3 scene that Forrie J. Smith is referencing is the one in which Team Yellowstone goes to collect the horses in Episode 5 (“Cowboys and Dreamers”) so Kayce can sell them. The goal of this was to provide some money to the family of a cowboy who took their life. Kayce equals the best livestock commissioner ever (in my book), and I think Smith's Lloyd would probably agree.

The scene in question was a massive one, as a sea of horses made their way to the enclosure. Yellowstone captured the high drama of the moment amid the organized chaos of the horses' galloping advances. And when it was over, Kevin Costner's John Dutton seemed eager to do it again. Classic cowboy!

During the scene Forrie J. Smith recalled, I remember being filled with anxiety, as the danger of such an undertaking never left my mind. It is just one of the many raw glimpses Yellowstone has given viewers into the hustle and bustle of cowboys doing their work. Thankfully, Lloyd has remained alive and well as one of the bunkhouse's senior members.

Yellowstone Season 3 isn't quite done yet, so fans will have to see if more cowboy excitement awaits. Kelsey Asbille has teased a "jaw-dropping" finale, which means any number of things could be on the way. For instance, will Rip -- who Lloyd treats as his son -- survive what's coming? Stay tuned, as the horses and cowboys you love are riding into an uncertain future.

Find out what happens with Forrie J. Smith's Lloyd when new episodes of Yellowstone Season 3 air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. In a bittersweet reality, this fall's premieres will arrive before you know it. You can watch Lloyd enjoying life as a cowboy in past seasons by watching Yellowstone's first two seasons on NBCUniversal's new streamer, Peacock.

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