Supernatural Starts Production On Final Episodes With Baby On Board

Supernatural Dean Winchester Jensen Ackles The CW

Supernatural Sam Winchester Jared Padalecki Dean Winchester Jensen Ackles The CW

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It is time for the end to begin anew for The CW Supernatural, which has started production once more for the final episodes of its fifteenth and final season. Like many other shows, Supernatural got forced to shutter filming earlier this year due to the coronavirus. But nothing can keep the Winchester brothers down, and in case fans needed any further proof that the show is back at work now, a picture of Baby on board, er, on the set should spark some excitement.

Yes, Dean’s beloved Impala is back at work for new episodes while reruns of the cult favorite populate The CW’s Sunday line-up. Thanks to this behind-the-scenes picture from production, Supernatural fans can take an early peek at filming getting underway for the final episodes. Sadly, Sam and Dean are not in the car's front seats, but check out this post from co-executive producer Jim Michaels anyway:

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I do not know about you, but it is kind of strange to see Baby all alone on what looks like a sound stage, fake tree and all. That said, she will presumably not remain that way for long. I would assume that Jared Padalecki is working on shaving off his Walker, Texas Ranger beard for the occasion, since that might look a bit odd. Would Sam really adopt such a different look in Supernatural’s final episodes? It is tough to imagine such a scenario.

A lot has been going on off-screen on the Supernatural front since the show had to cease production, and the cast and crew got to take a little more time before having to fully say farewell to one another. During the downtime, Jensen Ackles took the chance to wish his long-time co-star, Jared Padalecki, a happy birthday. In doing so, Ackles posted a picture with the cast standing in front of the boys' beloved Impala, Baby. He said that they would be back in the “beautiful car soon enough,” and it looks like those days are finally here.

In another Instagram post, Supernatural's co-EP Jim Michaels shared a pic of the technical one-sheet for Episode 19, titled "Inherit the Earth." See it below:

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I spot Baby once more! She is seriously coming in strong as Supernatural amps back up production. It will be a brief reunion between the car and her usual passengers, but hopefully this pronounced exposure doesn't mean that Baby will factor in as a big death before the final season is over.

Filming recently began in Vancouver on the final two episodes for Supernatural's stars before they all go their separate ways. Jared Padalecki is set to lead the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot mentioned above for The CW, alongside The 100’s Lindsey Morgan. Meanwhile, Jensen Ackles is reuniting with Supernatural’s creator for The Boys for Season 3 in the role of Soldier Boy. Before they can get to either of those shows, it is time to finish work on the one they made beautiful memories with for 15 years.

Jensen Ackles had said that the unexpected break before completing filming on Supernatural’s last episodes was a good thing. Ackles cited the need to recharge heading into the series finale. Some things have changed regarding the series-ender after production on Season 15 started. Fans are bittersweetly closer than ever to seeing the final product.

With some changes regarding the series-ender in store, thanks in part to revised safety precautions, Supernatural is set to kick off the final run of Season 15 episodes on Thursday, October 8, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. You can watch Baby driving along during past seasons of Supernatural on Netflix along with lots of new 2020 content, and stay current with our rundown of this fall’s premieres.

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