Supernatural Is Already Out Of Episodes Due To Coronavirus, But 'Treats' Are On The Way

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Spoilers ahead for the March 23 episode of Supernatural Season 15, called "Destiny's Child."

Supernatural's fifteenth and final season has pitted the Winchesters and Co. against God, and the series finale will mark the end of an era. That series finale was originally intended to air in spring 2020, but the delay in production due to the coronavirus means the show came to a halt before the last two episodes could be filmed. Now, showrunner Andrew Dabb has revealed that Supernatural's final completed episode has already aired, sharing this on Twitter shortly before the March 23 episode:

Due to the shutdown, this will be our last episode for awhile. Stay well, stay safe, and we'll see you on the other side.

With his tweet, Andrew Dabb confirmed speculation that Supernatural won't be able to finish its final season anytime too soon. This makes Supernatural the latest series to run out of episodes prior to the planned finale. Unfortunately for fans of Supernatural, this show didn't have a stock of multiple episodes waiting to air like Law & Order: SVU. Given that this is Supernatural's final season, I'm guessing Dabb won't start dropping details about the planned finale like the SVU showrunner.

There is some good news coming with Andrew Dabb's announcement that Supernatural is finished for now, after only 13 episodes of the planned 20 have aired. He went on via social media to assure fans that Supernatural is going to get its ending, and running out of episodes doesn't mean fans will have to go totally cold turkey on new Supernatural content. In clarifying why Supernatural has exhausted its stock of finished episodes already, Dabb posted this:

Clarification: We have filmed through episode 18, however our visual effects and sound departments have closed because of the outbreak. So, right now, the episodes can't be finished. However, have some special treats coming along the way-- to help us all get through this. And yes, we, the CW, and Warner Bros fully intend to return and finish the series. It's not a matter of 'if', it's a matter of 'when.'

Supernatural wouldn't be Supernatural if it didn't require its fair share of effects. The March 23 episode alone had alternate versions of Sam and Dean in ghostly form for half the episode, the Winchesters and Co. being attacked by snarling hellhounds, Jack being zapped to the Garden of Eden, and more. It would be nice if Supernatural had finished at least a couple more of the 18 already-filmed episodes, but Dabb's reassurance that the series will be finished eventually should provide some solace. And treats are on the way!

While "Destiny's Child" didn't exactly feel like a finale that the show would usually deliver heading into a hiatus, it did end on a little bit of a cliffhanger. Jack regained his soul after his visit to the Garden of Eden, and the episode closed on him asking Dean for forgiveness. Dean softened at the sight of the crying Jack clearly showing remorse, but as Castiel told Jack earlier in the hour, Dean feels things deeply and isn't always quick to forgive.

Fortunately, Legends of Tomorrow will soon deliver a very Supernatural twist, and there are 14 finished seasons of Supernatural for rewatching for fans who need a Winchester fix between now and whenever Andrew Dabb and the rest of the team are able to finish the final season. You can find the first 14 seasons streaming on Netflix now, among many other options.

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