What Stargirl's Big Eclipso Moment Means For Cindy In Season 2, According To One Star

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Stargirl may be done with its calamitous first season in Blue Valley, but the danger is far from being depleted all the way. Fans can be stoked to look forward to Season 2 debuting on The CW exclusively in 2021, and when it does, we'll likely be introduced to the wrath-filled villain known as Eclipso. Stargirl's Season 1 finale name-dropped the comic book foe in a mysterious moment, and star Meg DeLacy has offered up a tease or two about what viewers might see next from Cindy "Shiv" Burman and her new friend.

While it can be assumed that Meg DeLacy hasn't been told the entire A-to-Z storyline that Stargirl creator Geoff Johns has cooked up in his head, the actress appears to know a little something-something about what's coming for the vengeful Cindy. Here's what DeLacy told CinemaBlend via email:

Her summoning of Eclipso this next season is going to be epic. And it will involve everyone. Cindy loves pretty things and the diamond sure is beautiful, but I genuinely wonder if she really knows who she’s dealing with...

That right there gives Stargirl fans two different avenues to think about. In the first, it's the idea that Eclipso's emergence in Season 2 will apparently have an effect on everyone, which is definitely intriguing. Considering the character is known to possess others – including Superman at one point – and cause them to inflict damage on the outside world, that doesn't bode well for Courtney, Pat or any of the other members of the new Justice Society of America. Hell, it doesn't bode that well for any of the surviving members of the Injustice Society, either.

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The second speculative avenue concerns the idea that even though Cindy is responsible for bringing Eclipso out to wreak some havoc in Stargirl's second season, she might not be fully aware of how devastating a ploy that might be. As Meg DeLacy put it in another one of her responses, Cindy's Shiv "no longer has any kind of authority in her way" going into Season 2, so she's got a hold of the reins, but she might realize that there's an unpredictable monster on the other end of those reins.

The way that moment played out in the show, with Cindy tearing through William Zarick's storage in order to find the diamond, viewers may have come away with the idea that Cindy was already on somewhat familiar terms with Eclipso. And Meg DeLacy spoke to that notion when I asked her to talk about using that scene to recreate a noteworthy image of Eclipso from the comic book. In her words:

When Geoff told me that this shot was a recall to Eclipso’s appearance in the comics, I was so stoked to be able to recreate such an awesome and IMPORTANT moment. Cindy almost seems like she’s possibly met him before by the way she speaks to the diamond. Also the colors they used to make that scene comic book accurate felt even more alluring. I love me some purple.

It would make sense if Cindy and Eclipso had met in the past, considering she was likely around a lot as Dragon King's daughter. You can't tell me she would have listened if her "parents" told her to go to bed and not eavesdrop on ISA meetings.

Speaking of her parents, I also asked Meg DeLacy if Cindy actually did kill off Dragon King in Stargirl's Season 1 finale, and if that meant the character was responsible for both of her parents' deaths. Expectedly, the actress offered up an answer that seemed to lean one way, though it probably means something else entirely. In her words:

It definitely seems like she’s fed up and did what the ultimate difficult teenager would do and killed both of her parents…I’ll leave it at that. :)

Meg DeLacy's use of the phrasing "definitely seems like" makes me all the more suspicious that Season 2 will deliver a moment that reveals something huge about Cindy Burman's mother, and maybe even Dragon King himself. After all, viewers never saw any official corpses for any characters beyond Brainwave, who got his throat sliced up by Wildcat. Could her parents still be alive in some way? Even if they are, it doesn't sound like they're in a position to stop Cindy from taking over.

Stargirl Season 1 is now complete, but fans can stream all 13 episodes on DC Universe (at least for now). Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates coming out of DC FanDome, as well as when we might expect to see Season 2 arriving on The CW. For now, keep current with our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way.

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