Danica McKeller On Getting A Hallmark Movie Shut Down And When She’ll Go Back

Danica McKellar in Hallmark's Matchmaker Mysteries

Over the last few weeks, Hallmark has started getting some of its Canadian productions back to work, even working in “pods” to keep things safe. Although there may ultimately be fewer movies around the holidays than the fans of the cabler have gotten used to in recent years, Hallmark does seem to be recovering from the shutdown and Hallmark regular Danica McKellar recently revealed some details about the shutdown, as well as when she’ll be back to work.

In a recent interview, Danica McKellar revealed she was just about to get started on a new Hallmark flick back in the spring when the shutdown first happened. She noted to Purewow that obviously everything took way longer to get restarted than she initially thought it might. So said we all.

I was actually about to shoot my next Hallmark Channel movie. We were set to start shooting April 2nd and in March they were like ‘Oh it looks like we are going to have to push it a couple of weeks’ and I said ‘OK,’ not knowing how long it was really going to be. So, we haven’t shot it yet but we’re looking at this fall.

So, unlike some programming like Aurora Teagarden or When Calls The Heart, not all of Hallmark’s movies or mysteries have gotten off of the ground yet. (Though the casts of those projects that have gone back to work have also shared their experiences in quarantine and more.) In fact, Hallmark seems to have employing plenty of safety precautions on the sets of the company's movies and TV shows to keep people safe over the long haul.

Luckily, if you are a fan of Danica McKellar’s work on the channel – particularly with her popular series of Matchmaker movies, you should be in luck sometime hopefully later this year. She also noted,

It looks like we’re going to be shooting a Christmas movie and a Matchmaker Mystery movie, both of them sometime in the fall. I’m looking forward to it. I love doing those things.

Two other Matchmaker Mysteries already exist. Both star Danica McKellar and Victor Webster and the most recent one A Fatal Romance, just hit Hallmark back in April. So the channel has been able to churn ‘em out fairly quickly on its second Movies and Mysteries network.

While she waits to get back to work, Danica McKellar has been entertaining her fanbase with some “Motivational Mondays” videos, science experiments, and every now and again a throwback post to her days on The Wonder Years. Hopefully, she’ll also alert us as soon as filming on her Christmas movie is underway. Meanwhile, you can catch McKellar often on the channel in such Hallmark classics such as Perfect Match and Campfire Kiss.

Jessica Rawden
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