When Calls The Heart's Erin Krakow Shares Excellent Mask-On Photo While Riding A Horse On Set

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Erin Krakow is not letting coronavirus precautions keep her from sharing an awesome behind-the-scenes picture from the set of When Calls the Heart. The star of the Hallmark Channel series shows off an excellent photo of herself with her mask on while riding a horse.

It is a very different look than the one that Erin Krakow was sporting on the set during filming When Calls the Heart’s last season. As many productions can confirm, it is shocking what a difference a year can make. The Hallmark Channel series had to suspend filming on Season 8, but it is getting back into the swing of things. Check it out:

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Elizabeth Thornton is back in the saddle! Will she be wearing that mask in scenes? Not according to what Erin Krakow previously laid out regarding When Calls the Heart’s guidelines for filming post-coronavirus. Krakow had said that everyone would wear masks except for actors during scenes. Considering that, I would imagine that Krakow took off her mask at some point not too long after this picture was taken!

Interestingly, the fashionable dark mask that Erin Krakow is pictured in is different from the one she was wearing in a selfie she posted heading to resume filming. Krakow and her co-star Jack Wagner were among those to celebrate their return to set on social media. In her picture, Krakow stuck a post-it note with a happy face drawing over a light-colored mask. See it below:

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Okay, this concludes the portion of this story comparing Erin Krakow’s masks. Fans could be looking forward to Erin Krakow’s Elizabeth continuing to compare potential suitors upon When Calls the Heart’s return. While fans have expressed their past displeasure with the love triangle between Nathan, Elizabeth, and Lucas, absence might have made those viewers’ hearts grow fonder.

Thankfully, filming has resumed, which means When Calls the Heart may be beckoning fans back to Hallmark sooner than many other productions. Meanwhile, one of the Hallmark drama’s former stars, Daniel Lissing, has postponed his wedding until next year. Lissing announced his engagement well before production on television and movies shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now, Erin Krakow’s former on-screen love interest is waiting things out.

As for Erin Krakow, she is back working, and fans are undoubtedly excited to see what When Calls the Heart has in store for her character. Hope Valley should continue feeling different when it returns. However, that should not be related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Time will tell if fans notice anything on-screen. When Calls the Heart is currently set to return for Season 8 in 2021 on Hallmark Channel, long after this fall’s premieres. While you wait to see what Erin Krakow’s Elizabeth gets up to, you can binge past seasons on Netflix along with new 2020 content arriving on the streamer.

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