The Chi’s Yolonda Ross Reflects On Season Finale’s Big Moments And Shares Hopes For Season 4

Yolonda Ross as Jada Washington on The Chi (2020)

Spoilers for The Chi’s Season 3 finale – “A Couple, Two, Three” – lie ahead.

The season finale of The Chi brought the show’s third year to subtle – yet eventful – close, with many characters well on their way to new beginnings. Among the numerous developments in “A Couple, Two, Three” were Keisha’s decision to not terminate her pregnancy and Emmett and Tiff’s hasty wedding. Yolonda Ross’ Jada played a pivotal role in both stories and, now, the actress is sharing her thoughts on those big moments as well as opening up about what she wants to see moving forward.

In her search for guidance on how to proceed with her pregnancy, Keisha reached out to Jada, who also has experience with such a situation. And while she did offer some keen advice, Jade referred Kiesha to Tiff, who would reveal to Kiesha (and viewers) that she aborted the pregnancy she revealed back in the Season 2 finale. Jada has always been a counselor to others and, when I spoke with her about the finale, Yolonda Ross was pleased to see her character’s wisdom on full display, especially in the midst of such delicate subject matter:

I was really glad that those scenes are in there, that subject matter was in there. Because from episode one, there’s a lot of questions from last season to this season about Tiff and Emmett and everything that was happening with them. So it answers a lot of questions and, at the same time, it speaks on a subject that’s very real – abortion. And that is something, a women’s right, her body. Every day, somebody’s trying to take something from us and tell us what to do with our body. Her helping these girls, not telling them what to do but helping them make clear decisions for themselves, as a parental figure on the show, I appreciated that, being a sounding board and somebody that they can confide in and look to for guidance.

Yolonda Ross’ Jada shared some key moments with both young women throughout the season, but her relationship with new daughter-in-law Tiff saw tremendous growth during the finale. Yes, this includes that wild bachelorette party. But now that Tiff and Emmett are officially man and wife, Ross doesn’t expect Jada to be completely at ease:

[Laughs] Oh please, you know there’s still going to be concern there. Knowing the circumstances that happened going into that marriage and they’re still young… yeah, there’s too many circumstances there to feel completely relieved.

Those “circumstances” Ross refers to are, of course, Emmett’s affair with his business partner, Dom, and his failure to tell Tiff about it. Although the actress doesn’t know how things will pan out for the relationship, she does know one thing she doesn’t want:

I have no thoughts on that, I have no idea what’s going to happen with them. I just don’t want them back in Jada’s living room.

The couple’s ultimate fate is one of the many questions we have regarding a potential fourth season. There’s been no official word on that front yet, but Yolonda Ross already has ideas about what she wants for Jada in the future:

I would like to see her stretch even more. I would like to see her in other places outside of the neighborhood. I’d like to see her come up, in Season 4, in places she’s not usually at, learning something new in uncomfortable territory.

There’s also one characters she’s hoping Jada gets to spend more time with, and it may not be who you’re expecting:

I would love to see her and Darnell together in ways that exes are friends. Many times, in the same black relationship, women will help you with things, as far as dealing with business things, dealing with applications, dealing with just that kind of stuff. I’d like to see their rapport with each other and how fun they can be. Not sex or anything like that, but these two just being those two exes that are tight no matter what. He does get on my nerves, but there’s love there.

Jada has certainly had her fair share of growth this season, having found a new love in Tomas and learned to keep her own interests in mind in regard to her personal life. It would be great to see this evolution continue, and seeing more of that happen through her interactions with Rolando Boyce’s Darnell would be a lot of fun. Plus, it may even help to clear up the mystery of who he’s talking to on that earpiece he’s always sporting.

You can catch previous seasons of The Chi on Showtime.

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