Big Brother Spoilers: Who Is Nominated And Who Is The Target After Week 2?

Memphis Garrett Big Brother All-Stars

Warning! The following contains spoilers on the Week 2 nominations for Big Brother All-Stars. Read at your own risk!

Memphis Garrett won the Head of Household in Week 2 of Big Brother, and for some fans, it felt like the beginning of the end of a wild and entertaining season. A member of Cody Calafiore's secret alliance was in control, and it looked like this was going to be a week when this alliance would run the table.

Then, something crazy happened that frankly is as confusing to the house as to viewers. Here's who got nominated this week, who the target is, and why there could be more than enough drama to make up for a boring first week.

David Alexander Big Brother All-Stars CBS

David Alexander

Season 21's first-night evictee was going to get nominated at some point, and it turns out Memphis Garett wasted no time in doing it. Not only that, he apparently made it super personal with some cutting words to David Alexander in the nomination. I'm not entirely sure what was said at the time of writing, but it seems the gist is that Memphis called David out for not deserving to be a part of Big Brother All-Stars.

This is an intentional play by Memphis, who talked to Enzo Palumbo ahead of nominations about how he wanted David to crack under the pressure of being a Have Not. In doing that, Memphis Garrett hoped David would snap at him, and then make it easy on the house to vote him out. The strategy keeps the blood of Memphis' hands, which he felt he had to do after his original plan fell through.

Nicole Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Nicole Anthony

Nicole Anthony is the second nomination on the block, and it makes sense. I think Memphis Garrett will justify it as a move that eliminates a duo of Season 21 alumni, but can also say that Nicole also weakens the theoretical other alliance (run by Janelle Pierzina) in the house. The scene after the nomination was pretty rough, and Nicole quickly excused herself to be alone.

That's typically not a good move in Big Brother, but Nicole Anthony has plenty of time to campaign after the veto is played. Also, for what Nicole lacks in competition power, she more than makes up for in having a good social game. People like Nicole, and generally, don't really see her as a big threat at the moment. She can use that like she did last season and hopefully fly under the radar after this nomination if she survives.

Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Who Is The Actual Target?

Memphis Garrett originally had plans to target Ian Terry, but then Christmas Abbott played the Safety Suite and chose him as her plus one for safety when they won. The move was confusing to Big Brother All-Stars viewers and Memphis Garrett because Christmas was supposed to be in his alliance.

Right now, David Alexander is who Memphis Garrett is trying to goad, but it seems he's honestly fine with either leaving. It seems like he's made an enemy out of David and Nicole in either case, so the question is whether or not he's more worried about one coming after him after the vote than the other.

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