Big Brother Spoilers: Threat Of Self-Eviction Sends Shockwaves Amongst The All-Star Cast

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. Read at your own risk!

After Memphis Garrett declared his nominations and captured the veto, it looked like Big Brother All-Stars was in for another boring and largely predictable week. Memphis wasn't interested in a backdoor nomination, so it seemed like it was going to be a battle between whether it would be more beneficial to have Nicole Anthony or David Alexander in the house.

Now it appears that one of them could be leaving sooner, albeit not necessarily because the votes are against them. Nicole Anthony had a breakdown in the house last night, and in a talk with Da'Vonne Rogers, alluded to the fact she may not have what it takes to continue in the game.

I shouldn't have come back... If I stay over David, I don't think I can do it. I just can't.

Da'Vonne Rogers encouraged Nicole Anthony to go and talk to the producers in the Diary Room, perhaps to get some support for how she's feeling. The conversation between them largely ended there, but in the rest of the house, Da'Vonne started to spread the word that Nicole may be looking to get out of the house.

And while Nicole Anthony didn't use the words "self-evict" explicitly, Da'Vonne Rogers certainly did. She told David Alexander the news, perhaps as a way of helping him ride out these last few days before the votes are cast.

She is taking it really hard being on the block next to you specifically. The way she was talking, it was as if she was going to self-evict. I don't think she would actually do it.

Unfortunately, it doesn't really matter what Da'Vonne thinks, and since the word has gotten out that Nicole Anthony is having doubts about returning to be on Big Brother All-Stars, things are getting interesting. The last thing anyone should do when they're on the block in Big Brother is allude to the fact they don't want to be there. Houseguests looking for an excuse to keep blood off their hands eat that up.

This is exactly what Memphis Garrett fears as he's already on shaky ground with his main alliance after refusing to put Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha on the block. Memphis is also in an alliance with Janelle and Kaysar and could make out like a bandit if he can get David Alexander evicted and keep Nicole Anthony to strengthen the alliance with Janelle and Kaysar. Memphis was willing to make the push against his main alliance, which was leaning towards saving David if he could make a case, but revealed he had reservations about sticking his neck out too far in a conversation with Janelle on Monday morning.

Nicole has got to do her part. If she is not out here talking to Enzo, promising some shit...if we are the only ones negotiating, it makes it seem like we are the only ones that have power over Nicole. She has got to make some deals.

Memphis Garrett is only spitting facts here. It's Week 2 of Big Brother All-Stars, and if Nicole Anthony is only able to be saved if other people are doing all the legwork for her, is it a greater risk for their alliance to keep her on board as a liability?

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Will Nicole Anthony Actually Self-Evict?

You know the Big Brother motto by now, but for all the doom and gloom of Nicole Anthony, I don't necessarily believe she's going to self-evict. I believe this is just part of her personality, and when she's under a lot of stress, Nicole tends to get down and feel really guilty about what's happening. She certainly had her moments of self-doubt in Season 21, and would ultimately bounce back the next day with a renewed energy.

As I mentioned earlier though, it may be too little too late. If the bug has been out there that Nicole Anthony has talked about how she shouldn't have returned, or that she doesn't want to beat David to stay, then that only helps everyone trying to make David stay. That's especially true on Big Brother All-Stars, where everyone who is in the house currently has played the game before and presumably wants to be there. A lot of former houseguests weren't included but Nicole Anthony could join the cast, so a statement like that should certainly rub others the wrong way.

With that said, being on Big Brother is an experience I truly believe only those that have played the game understand. If Nicole Anthony emerges before Thursday with a renewed passion and willingness to work to stay in the game, I think houseguests would understand that everyone can have a bad day in the house. It's stressful to be in a game where players are incentivized to lie or deceive, and when every motion is watched by an audience who will take people down for things they believe are unfair. It's a wonder most people can function under that thought alone, let alone not let it affect their gameplay.

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We Need To Talk About Kevin

Nicole Anthony said the pressure of being put up next to David Alexander had her stressed, but I think her alliance with Kevin Campbell is doing her more harm than good. Kevin promised to bring chaos to the house if he was allowed to stay, and so far he has really only convinced Nicole Anthony that Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha are out to get her.

Which is literally the exact opposite of what has been happening in this past week of Big Brother All-Stars. It's hard to tell if this is a bad read by Kevin Campbell, or he's intentionally trying to cause chaos in the house by convincing Nicole that the people trying to help her are actually pushing for her eviction. In either case, Nicole could certainly benefit from spending less time talking to Kevin and more other people.

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