Pretty Little Liars Is Already Getting Rebooted, But Not At Freeform

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A few months ago, Pretty Little Liars fans finally found solace in the update on Emily and Alison’s relationship. Cut to September, and there is more big news. The Freeform series is already getting rebooted, but there is a twist. If and when the Pretty Little Liars reboot lands on the small screen, it will not necessarily put its pretty little shoes on Freeform soil.

Even though Freeform was the home of both the original series and the short-lived spinoff, the person behind the reboot more than knows their way around a teen drama or two. THR reports that Riverdale’s showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, is taking on the effort to potentially bring Pretty Little Liars back. The reboot would feature a new story and a new set of characters to go with it.

Pretty Little Liars’ prospective reboot does not have a network yet. However, it is reportedly intended for HBO Max. Will that actually happen? Former Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale went on to star in the title role of the short-lived Riverdale spinoff, Katy Keene. At one point, it was thought that HBO Max might pick up the series, although that has not been the case.

Would a potential Pretty Little Liars reboot have better luck? The original is still a beloved property, even though fans have not had a lot of time to mourn it disappearing from their screens. Now, there is talk of new characters amid a new storyline, and in all likelihood a fresh big bad.

If this reboot happens, it is unclear if it would exist in the same universe as Pretty Little Liars. In other words, will the stars of the original series be able to return? It is a question undoubtedly on fans’ minds. The Riverdale boss’s project is being billed as a reboot instead of a revival, which indicates returns are not incredibly likely yet.

It seems like just yesterday that Pretty Little Liars ended its seven-season run with a series finale that brought its share of happy endings, but it was actually a little over three years ago in June 2017. That said, Pretty Little Liars’ universe has not been away from the small screen for long.

Just a year before this reboot news, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists premiered on Freeform. The show brought Ali and Mona back for the sequel spinoff alongside a new cast of characters. It featured a new mystery in a new town. Unfortunately, The Perfectionists was not able to perfect itself enough for Freeform, which cancelled it after a single season.

The news did not sit well with PLL fans, who put Freeform on blast for the cancellation. Now, they have a little something to smile about, in the form of this potential new Pretty Little Liars reboot. If it does make it to television, it will be intriguing to see if it offers any updates on the original cast as The Perfectionists attempted to do.

Characters had babies, finally got married, divorced, and after The Perfectionist’s cancellation, reunited without ever appearing on-screen. Talk about an undertaking. The reboot has quite a distance to go before it heads somewhere besides Freeform. While you wait for word on the potential reboot, you can watch Pretty Little Liars on HBO Max along with this fall’s premieres.

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