Big Brother All-Stars' Cody Calafiore Has A Cheesy TV Show, And You Can Watch It Now

Cody Calafiore Little Cupid UKW Media

As Cody Calafiore continues to wheel and deal with houseguests on Big Brother All-Stars and dodge slander from wall yellers, fans can find more of Calafiore's career online between episodes of the hit CBS series with his majority alliance. He starred in a cheesy television series as an actor, and you can watch it right now.

Before I get into the where and how, let's talk about Little Cupid. The series has Cody Calafiore playing a Marine who was killed in action and returns as a ghost. Eight years after he was missing in action, Richard "Richie" Castaldo appears to his daughter Angela and needs her help in helping others fall in love so he can become an angel. Check out the trailer that reveals a very different side of the Big Brother star:

Obviously, the production value doesn't look too high, and with three episodes around eight minutes each, this isn't exactly the most binge-worthy show on streaming. It almost feels to me like a pilot for a series split into smaller episodes. I wouldn't call it award-worthy, or even of exceptional quality, but I will say that as a Big Brother fan, I had a blast watching it.

Especially given the fact that it was free! Anyone with a Roku TV account can watch all the episodes right now by downloading the UKW Media app, and Cody Calafiore's face should be on the homepage. For those without Roku and needing another option to check this out immediately, the first two episodes are available on Amazon Prime for less than a dollar each. That's less than you'd pay to see Calafiore on the CBS live feeds, and given the pace of Big Brother All-Stars, perhaps a bit more entertaining at the moment.

Little Cupid is just one of the many smaller roles Cody Calafiore has worked over the years, but he has some larger accolades to his name. Calafiore appeared in two episodes of The Bold And The Beautiful, an honor he shared with Big Brother Season 21 houseguest Jessica Milagros. He also appeared in Elementary as well as the Netflix film Set It Up, so there are plenty of places to spot him on television beyond Big Brother.

And frankly, that may be the only way to see Cody Calafiore on television in the near future, as the Big Brother All-Stars house is seemingly onto his game of being in an alliance with nearly all the house. Calafiore may be able to keep hold and run the competition until the end, but with multiple people onto his scheme, his run on Big Brother may soon be a wrap.

Big Brother All-Stars airs on CBS Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Continue to stick with us for more on the season, and for more tidbits on the houseguests and what's happening in television and movies.

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