Why Tim Allen Decided To Create A New Series With His Home Improvement Co-Star Richard Karn

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Last Man Standing's Tim Allen is alive and well (despite an internet death hoax), and he has another TV show in the works. Allen is reuniting with his Home Improvement co-star Richard Karn for a new History show involving tools. Why did Allen want to create a new series with his former co-star?

Home Improvement ended 21 years ago in 1999, but the end of the series wasn't the end of the friendship between Tim Allen and Richard Karn. While fans wait to see if that one-hour Home Improvement revival movie Allen suggested ever happens, they can count on this team-up between Allen and Karn coming to History. So, what made Allen decide to do it with Karn? Allen took to Twitter to share this:

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Tim Allen likes to get things done, and apparently, so does Richard Karn. Hence, Allen’s decision to make Assembly Required. Of course, Allen teaming up with Karn is not the most shocking development in showbiz history. The two have remained close, with Karn guest-starring on Allen’s current sitcom, Last Man Standing.

Richard Karn and Tim Allen teaming up for a competition series is a natural next step. Karn and Allen’s enthusiasm during Home Improvement’s Tool Time segments was always pretty convincing, so clearly there was something to it. Plus, Allen has clearly remained close to Karn and his former co-stars. Allen recently reflected on his affection for the casts of both of his long-running TV comedies.

For those who might need a refresher, it was recently announced that Richard Karn would host the competition series entitled Assembly Required. The show will put builders across the USA to the test as they're challenged to fix a household item and make it work even better than before. Tim Allen will also be around in an on-screen capacity.

It is not the Home Improvement reunion between Tim Allen’s Tim Taylor and Richard Karn’s Al Borland that many may still be craving. However, it is something incredible in its own right. Plus, it is an exciting project for Allen as he prepares to return to Last Man Standing. The veteran comedy was renewed for a ninth season earlier this year.

Last Man Standing’s Season 9 return means the series will last at least one season longer than Home Improvement. Fans will have to see what is in store, although the pandemic is guaranteed a role. It would be fantastic if Richard Karn could stop by Last Man Standing again until Assembly Required can make its way onto History.

Assembly Required does not have a premiere date yet, so stay tuned. Tim Allen will eventually be back on-screen with the History show and the ninth season of Last Man Standing on FOX. Time will tell if the comedy manages to make it as one of this fall’s premieres.

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