Star Trek Discovery: 9 Things To Remember Before Season 3 On CBS All Access

Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

After a slightly longer wait than what was expected, Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is just around the corner. Stars of the Star Trek series have teased there are some big things on the horizon for the franchise after Season 2, and the trailer confirmed that with some pretty big reveals.

For some Star Trek fans, 2020 may have been enough to make some of the finer points of Season 2 slip from the mind. Here's a refresher for those that need one ahead of Season 3, and the details that could come into play in the new season.

Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

The Discovery Jumped Centuries Into The Future

The Discovery crew had a two-part plan to defeating Control. The first was to defeat the cybernetic villain intent on destroying humanity. The second was to convincingly erase the Discovery from history so that any other time-traveling threats would not know where to find them or the massive data bank stored within the ship. This meant Discovery used the spore drive to jump nearly 1000 years into the future, in an era that's conveniently been untouched by other Star Trek lore. Provided they keep a low profile, this could keep the crew safe from any world-ending threats for a spell.

Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

The Discovery Has A Massive Collection Of Data On The Ship

As previously mentioned the Discovery now contains a planet-sized amount of data from a giant Sphere they found in space. This data dump contains a vast amount of knowledge from across the galaxy, and apparently could be catastrophic enough to destroy the entire galaxy if it falls into the wrong hands. The Star Trek: Discovery team pulled the data from the Sphere to preserve it and in the process, found immediate danger by trying to keep it out of the wrong hands.

Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Michael Burnham Is Healing A Wounded Heart

Michael Burnham had her heart broken in Season 1 when it was revealed her lover Ash Tyler was the Klingon Voq after he underwent brainwashing and radical surgery to transform his body. Needless to say, the relationship didn't work out, and while Burnham got some closure with Ash in Season 2, there was no real resolve to heal her wounded heart. Season 3 looks to have an answer for that when she meets Cleveland "Book" Booker so hopefully, she can heal that wounded heart with a fresh start.

Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Saru Underwent A Drastic Change

Saru spent a bulk of Star Trek: Discovery's run to date as a cautious and somewhat worrisome character. In Season 2 it was revealed that was due to ganglia on his neck, and that once it had fallen off, he was no longer a character consumed by fear. It was news to Saru, whose species had been groomed to believe Kelpians died when their ganglia were removed, and we saw a bit of a different side of him. Saru is one of the fastest and strongest people on the ship, so it will be interesting to see if he uses that now that he's not held hostage by his fear.

Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

The Discovery Crew Was Reported To Be Dead

The Discovery crew jumping to the future at the end of Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 wasn't enough, they needed to combat a technological foe. This meant the record of Discovery's whereabouts had to be definitive, so it was agreed by the few people at the final battle with Control that Starfleet official record reports dictate the ship and all its inhabitants perished in battle. This means the crew will arrive in a time where they aren't only supposed to exists, they'll be considered ghosts if they do identify themselves.

Georgiou Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Georgiou Is In The Future As Well

In some news that was a bit of a surprise, Mirror Georgiou opted to jump with the Star Trek: Discovery crew to the future. The move was a bit of a shock to fans, especially considering Georgiou was set to star in a Section 31 based spinoff. Section 31 was introduced in past Season 2, so the assumption of some was that Georgiou would stay behind. Will she find a way back to the past to star in her spinoff series, or will Georgiou command a Section 31 of the future?

Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Stamets And Culber Are Working On Their Changed Relationship

Paul Stamets and Hugh Culber have had quite the wild ride on Star Trek: Discovery. Culber was killed, then was brought back via Stamets's connection to the mycelial network. After that, the two drifted apart, and there was a brief moment where it seemed like the two needed to go their separate ways to grow as individuals. In the end, true love prevailed, and Hugh decided to stay with his husband on the condition Paul accept that he has changed in many ways since his resurrection, and be ok with that.

Tilly Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Tilly Was Trying To Join Command

Tilly is still relatively low on the totem pole in terms of authority in Star Trek: Discovery, and throughout Season 2 continued her journey to attempt and join command. Unfortunately, her efforts were hampered by hallucinations brought on by the mycelial network, and with the Discovery crew presumed dead, advancement opportunities in Starfleet may not occur naturally. I doubt that will stop Tilly searching for more responsibility within the ship, and who knows, perhaps there will be command opportunities for her yet in the distant future.

Control Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Control Could Still Be Out There Searching For Them

Control was defeated in Season 2, but it's worth mentioning that Control didn't seem to be one individual entity. Its possible Control exists in many different forms and can survive in just about any setting where there is an electronic basis for it to inhabit. Control even managed to invade the body of former Section 31 head Leland, so there's really no telling where and when it could resurface in Season 3. Control definitely seemed like a big bad who would resurface in Star Trek: Discovery, but we can only see if it'll be able to track down the crew and get control of the data so that it can destroy all organic life.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 premieres on CBS All Access Thursday, October 15. In the meantime, for more on how to watch Discovery, particularly outside the U.S., take a look at What To Watch's full guide.

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