12 Breaking Bad Characters We Want In Better Call Saul's Final Season

Against all odds, AMC's acclaimed drama Better Call Saul has not only stood tall in the shadow of its flagship successor Breaking Bad, but it will also close out its run with more seasons and more episodes. (Okay, just one more season and one more episode, but still.) The crime drama spinoff had definitely embraced its roots across its first five seasons, putting Bob Odenkirk's Jimmy McGill-turned-Saul Goodman in contact with plenty of people that audiences first met in Breaking Bad. But there are still many O.G. characters that could still appear in the final BCS season.

Let's take a look at the noteworthy Breaking Bad character who deserve to return to the franchise for a fun cameo in Better Call Saul's final season. Or, more likely, a "hectic and stressful as shit" cameo in Better Call Saul's final season. Let's go ahead and start off with the golden goose himself, since he could be the lone entry in this list and it would still be relevant.

walter white season 1 breaking bad

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Walter White (Bryan Cranston)

We all know how Walter White's story ends within the Breaking Bad universe. And sure, we think we know how it started, but Better Call Saul has one more season to throw an interesting wrinkle into the mix that allows fans to revisit and reinterpret Heisenberg's arc in new contexts. And if that's asking too much, then perhaps just a simple doctor's office scene where Walt is seen prior to his cancer diagnosis. However it goes, fans need one more scene with Walt, even if Bryan Cranston would be okay if it didn't happen. I would not be okay. The world would not be okay.

breaking bad patrick kuby bill burr

Patrick Kuby (Bill Burr)

It's almost hard to believe that comedian and F Is for Family star Bill Burr only appeared in five episodes of Breaking Bad, since Kuby and Lavell Crawford's Huell felt like they were hovering around the outskirts of Saul's interactions with Walt and Jesse. In any case, while Huell's relationship with Jimmy/Saul has been addressed in a few episodes, audiences have yet to see how Saul comes into contact with Kuby, and how the duo end up on Saul's payroll. This final season is calling for you, Kuby, and then we can hopefully get a Kuby and Huell animated spinoff in the aftermath.

breaking bad jane waking up late

Jane Margolis (Krysten Ritter)

Krysten Ritter's drug-loving Jane provided one of Breaking Bad's biggest and ever-present tragedies, with Walt purposefully failing to intervene upon seeing her choking to death on her own vomit. And while it was fine enough to see her in that flashback later in the season, and then again during Jesse's memories in Netflix's El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, those instances only offered situations from the past. Better Call Saul could give viewers an in-the-present Jane, so to speak, and show audiences what she was like before Jesse tumultuously entered her life.

Badger and Skinny Pete (Matt Jones and Charles Baker)

Like Krysten Ritter, Matt Jones and Charles Baker returned to the franchise for El Camino and helped Jesse out after he'd escaped the neo-Nazis. It was pretty great, but that was a very dark and emotionally harrowing situation all around, so Badger and Skinny Pete didn't get quite as many levity-building comedic moments as I would have liked. Not that they aren't effective in more dramatic moments, but there's no one else in this TV universe quite like Badger and Skinny Pete, so I hope they're able to return for something 100% absurd and ridiculous in Better Call Saul Season 6.

Tortuga (Danny Trejo)

Perhaps the least essential entry in this list, the drug-running DEA informant known as Tortuga only appeared in a pair of Breaking Bad episodes. However, he received one of the franchise's most memorable deaths – explosive disembodied head atop the back of a tortoise – and was played by Danny Trejo. Considering all TV shows should always try and get Danny Trejo involved, Better Call Saul would score some big thumbs-up signs if Tortuga's involvement with the cartel was introduced in Season 6. Or even if Danny Trejo just came in to play a completely different character...

elliott and gretchen schwartz

Elliott And Gretchen Schwartz (Adam Godley and Jessica Hecht)

The two people who unwittingly inspired Walter White's turn to the Dark Side, Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz generally seem to be good people who didn't really deserve the terror that Walt ended up putting them through. So they probably don't need to show up for any potential terror in Better Call Saul, but it would still be awesome if Gray Matter entered the story in Season 6 in some way, perhaps if Kim (or someone from one of the firms she's worked with) took the tech company on as a client. Hell, that might even be a subtle way to make a Walt appearance happen.

Andrea breaking bad

Andrea Cantillo (Emily Rios)

Many fans were hoping that Brock Cantillo would show up in El Camino, but it didn't happen outside of a photo being seen. While this isn't a complete one-to-one situation, bringing Emily Rios back as a younger (and obviously still alive) Andrea in Better Call Saul would be a great way to pay respect to a pair of characters that became extremely important to Jesse right as his life was heading for a complete upheaval. I doubt the timing would work out to show her pregnant with Brock, but something could happen.

todd breaking bad

Todd (Jesse Plemons)

Yeah, I know Jesse Plemons was utilized a lot for El Camino. Yeah, I know that Todd is a bigoted murder-monster. Yeah, I know that Todd was partially responsible for ruining Jesse's existence. You know what else I know, though? Todd is a hilariously bizarre treasure. Bring him back! Bring him back!

breaking bad wendy

Wendy (Julia Minesci)

In hindsight, it's almost weird to think that Julia Minesci's meth-loving sex worker Wendy was introduced via Hank and Gomez in Season 1, as opposed to her being someone in Saul Goodman's bag of tricks, as it were. However, Better Call Saul could easily bring this recurring character back in Season 6 for one reason or another (that probably involves someone being paid for sexual acts that may or may not actually occur).

Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul)

Now that El Camino showed everyone that Jesse Pinkman eventually gets to escape much of his dangerous past, no one has to worry about him anymore. So Better Call Saul could provide the perfect opportunity for Aaron Paul's final scene in this universe to be something completely light-hearted that has nothing to do with overdoses, Nazis, drugs or ground-shaking betrayals. I'm not sure if Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould could figure out a way to have Jesse nonchalantly testing out a giant magnet (bitch), but that's at least one option. A second option would be to have him showing up at Gene's Cinnabon, which would be amazing.

In a perfect world, Better Call Saul would bring every single one of these characters back for its sixth and final season. But in a perfect world, Better Call Saul would last longer than just six seasons, so there's a conundrum.

In any case, stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates as they become available, and relive the first four seasons of Better Call Saul on Netflix, with Season 5 likely not getting added to the service until shortly before Season 6 premieres. In the meantime, head to our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way.

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