That Time The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley And Matthew Davis Got Into A Spicy Twitter Feud

side-by-side of Paul Wesley in TVD and Matthew Davis in Legacies

There are shows where casts all feel like one big family and other TV shows where drama is more apparent and sometimes public. Such is the case with a recent Twitter feud between former The Vampire Diaries stars Paul Wesley and Matthew Davis, the latter of whom currently also stars on The CW’s Legacies. Let’s just call it a very original(s) exchange.

As 2020 has shown, even big celebrity names can sometimes lose their cool on social media when it comes to politics. In this case, Matthew Davis was tweeting about the recent Vice Presidential debate between incumbent Mike Pence and hopeful Kamala Harris, sharing points of views that didn’t sit so well with his former co-star Paul Wesley. The two had some back and forth that culminated in a very Vampire Diaries-esque insult.

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Matthew Davis’ initial tweets have since been deleted, but Paul Wesley still has up the tweets that are The Vampire Diaries-oriented in nature, as Paul Wesley accused Matthew Davis of drinking “some vervain,” an herb that came up on the CW series from time to time, as it was a weakness of vampires on the series.

It’s worth pointing out that Alaric Saltzman is a human and a vampire hunter within Julie Plec’s universe. Vervain affects vampires, mostly, but if humans take it the herb can help to make their human blood unappetizing to vamps. So, Paul Wesley’s insult is a good tie-back to his work with Matthew Davis on the series, but may have been more fitting the other way ‘round.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time there has been a little drama between members of The Vampire Diaries cast. While, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are totally pals and are even doing a new line of bourbon together called Brothers Bond Bourbon, he hasn't always gotten along with everyone. It was previously revealed that Paul Wesley and TVD lead Nina Dobrev initially didn’t really deal well with one another on the set of the CW series.

She said back in 2019 that the two “despised each other” when the show first started. Paul Wesley also admitted they "totally clashed” the first couple of years when The Vampire Diaries was filming. However, he and Nina Dobrev worked it out and later became friends. It’s also worth pointing out that even though the show has ended now, they seem closer than ever. This year, they reunited so their pups could spend a little time together.

Getting back to Paul Wesley and Matthew Davis, the two may not have been on the same page about the debate. However, Wesley did take a second to try and close the mini Twitter feud on a less spicy note.

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Later, Matthew Davis apologized for the exchange, apologizing for "for getting snappy last night," and seems to be taking a break from Twitter for now. His series Legacies is also taking a bit of an extended break and isn’t expected to be back on the airwaves until 2021 after shutting down production on Season 2 back in March, thereby ending on a weird cliffhanger. We’ll keep you posted on the latest regarding the vampire/human/werewolf/tribrid drama.

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