The Vampire Diaries Stars Are Going To Totally Love Ian Somerholder And Paul Wesley's New Team Up

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The stars of The Vampire Diaries are notoriously close, and they have thrilled fans with reunion photos and actual reunions since the show ended. Last fall, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley announced a new way that they would be teaming up. The Vampire Diaries duo is set to release a bourbon. Now we are all well into 2020, and Somerhalder and Wesley have announced the perfect name for it.

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley know their fans, and The Vampire Diaries has a lot of them, hence the name of Somerhalder and Wesley’s bourbon will not be lost on the show's enthusiasts. Somerhalder took to Twitter to reveal the bourbon’s name, and Damon and Stefan would undoubtedly approve. Am I right? Check it out below:

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There you have it. Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley have opted to call their bourbon -- Brother’s Bond. This is a definite nod to the Salvatore brothers’ incredibly strong relationship on The Vampire Diaries, which weathered an array of supernatural threats (including the Originals). Plus, they survived the largest threat of all for a pair of brothers.

Stefan and Damon were stuck in two love triangles where they fought for the same woman during their long lives. Despite all of that, though, the brothers managed to remain close, just as the men who portrayed them have. Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley’s bourbon collaboration is just one of the many projects the actors have been involved in since The Vampire Diaries ended.

Besides giving the world a new bourbon to consider consuming, both actors have starred in their own TV shows. Ian Somerhalder kept things vampiric with Netflix’s one-season drama, V-Wars. Paul Wesley had CBS All Access’ fairytale-inspired series, Tell Me a Story, which will eventually air on The Vampire Diaries’ home, The CW.

In naming their bourbon collaboration with an ode to The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley are clearly not shying away from their time on the drama. When you play brothers for as long as Somerhalder and Wesley did, it is bound to have an impact. Eight seasons and nearly a decade is a long time and can really help people bond, even though that experience did not end the way Wesley wanted.

Regardless, The Vampire Diaries stars chose a collaboration near and dear to their on-screen alter egos. Damon loved liquor, but if memory serves, Stefan seemed to drown his sorrows less than his brother. Of course, “The Ripper” often enjoyed drinking other things as well. Meaning, obviously, human blood and not bourbon.

For now, you can stream The Vampire Diaries (in its entirety) on Netflix, alongside Ian Somerhalder’s V-Wars, alongside new 2020 content. You can catch Paul Wesley on Tell Me a Story when it eventually arrives on The CW, but it can already be found on CBS All Access. In the meantime, there are also this summer’s premieres to look forward to.

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