Kelly Clarkson Comforting An Emotional Hoda On TV Will Give You All The Feels

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I'm not going to say that we've all been emotional wrecks over the past several months, but I can, with a clear conscience, bet that many of us have been feeling a lot of...feelings. And, maybe in some cases, feeling things we've never felt before, don't know how to deal with, and certainly weren't expecting. Sudden emotions can be the worst, which is why the sight of Kelly Clarkson comforting and emotional Hoda Kotb on TV is sure to give you all the feels.

NBC's Hoda Kotb appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show recently to talk about her new book of inspirational quotes, This Just Speaks To Me. When the (usually) bubbly host asked her (frequently) bubbly guest about one quote in particular which is found in her book, though, Kotb became emotional unexpectedly. But, Clarkson had some lovely words for Kotb which helped to immediately bring her fellow TV host some peace. Check it out!

Man, alive! This really got to me. And, I'm going to guess it got to you, too. Sure, you might not be slow-crying gently onto your keyboard (as I now am) but this doesn't mean that the wave of emotions you're now feeling aren't valid. I support all non-criers as much as I support my tearful brethren, OK?

As you saw in the clip, all it took was a simple, three-word quote to send Hoda Kotb down a poignant path she, obviously, hadn't quite planned to travel on during this interview. While explaining what "Remember your why" means to her, Kotb starting talking about how we all need to keep in mind why we've made the decisions we have and began reflecting on the fact that she's had second thoughts about her life choices often.

I think those feelings are pretty universal to most people, so bless Hoda (yeah, I'm on a first name basis with her now) for sharing that truth with us, especially seeing as how she's someone a lot of people would look up to and see as a woman who has everything all figured out. But, then, Hoda brought up how she often feels like she should be of service more, her voice breaks, and she nearly starts crying before acknowledging what's happening and pulling herself back. Awwwww! Hoda, we love you!

This is when Kelly (yup, first names only from now on) steps in to comfort Hoda by telling her how she has frequently felt the same way, especially recently, and brought the idea up to a friend not long ago. You can see Hoda's firm agreement with what she says, as Kelly relays the advice given to her by her friend, who noted that a large part of being of service for her is simply putting a spotlight on others who are doing great things in the world, which Hoda also does as a part of her day job. Awwww! Kelly, we love you, too!

Honestly, I might have to bookmark this video to watch whenever I'm feeling down (It's not that often! I swear!), because the whole interaction between Kelly and Hoda is beautiful.

The Kelly Clarkson Show airs weekdays, so be sure to check your local listings for the time and channel in your area. But, for more to watch in the coming weeks, take a gander at our guide to fall TV!

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