Tracy Morgan's Sex Talk Almost Got Hoda Kotb To Crack Up During Today Interview

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Well, well, well. If there's one thing that can be said for all of these talk show interviews that are being done from people's homes, it's that we're getting to see and hear some truly intriguing things from our favorite celebrities. Of course, one could say that this was always the case whenever The Last O.G. star (and former Saturday Night Live cast member) Tracy Morgan showed up for...pretty much anything. This turned out to be very true recently when Morgan was interviewed by Hoda Kotb for Today, and her professionalism was almost derailed by his sex talk.

Tracy Morgan appeared on Today to promote the Season 3 premiere of his TBS comedy The Last O.G., and, even in these often serious times, we should have all been ready for him to say some incredibly silly stuff. Luckily the man didn't disappoint, but when you hear how he responded to Hoda Kotb's first question about dealing with life in isolation with his family, I think you'll agree that none of us could have prepared fully for his answer. Take a look!

Oh, Tracy Morgan. Thank you for always being your pure, weirdo, nasty self no matter what circumstances you find yourself in! Again, who could have guessed just how clear of a picture Morgan would paint for Hoda Kotb and the audience of what he's been doing while self-isolating with his family? Getting one's wife pregnant three times in as many weeks is quite a feat of biological superiority, though, so I suppose that anybody would be prone to bragging about it, should they do a live television interview during such a time of dominance. Is there some sort of fertility hall of fame we can induct the Morgans into?

Obviously, Tracy Morgan was being his natural jokester self, but I really love Hoda Kotb's nervous giggle as she attempts to steer the morning show conversation to something less sci-fi sexual. You can tell that she had no idea where her simple query might now lead, and she really wanted to bring it back around so that the interview wouldn't end up in some crazy sex hole (LOL! Made myself laugh for real. Writing is fun sometimes!), but Morgan had other plans.

As you can see, Tracy Morgan decided to double down on his sexytimes talk and detail he and his wife's very timely bedroom role-playing. I have two thoughts about this. First of all, I have no trouble believing that Mr. and Mrs. Morgan are spending some of their free time as a granddaughter desperate to save her sick grandpappy and the researcher who has the cure. But, secondly, you know they're not alone in this particular...enjoyment right now, don't you? Way too many folks have been watching Contagion and other such movies now for me to believe anything else.

It's good that Hoda Kotb is such a consummate pro, because she was, eventually, able to elevate her conversation with Tracy Morgan a bit. She got him to talk about his respect for everyone in the medical profession and other first responders, and even (Shocker!) got him to talk about his show a bit.

You can watch Tracy Morgan entertain the masses with The Last O.G., every Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. EST on TBS. For more on what to watch on the small screen, check out our Netflix schedule and take a look at everything that's been delayed or is wrapping early right here!

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