Naked And Afraid Star Arrested After Reportedly Peeping At Bathing Teen

Brandon Pope Naked and Afraid screenshot Discovery

Naked and Afraid stars typically make headlines for boldly going where others won’t go while in the buff on television, but in this case that has apparently extended into one star’s home life, and not in a positive way. Naked and Afraid contestant Brandon Pope previously appeared in a 2020 episode of the long-running Discovery series. Unfortunately, following his stint on the show, the reality star has now been arrested after allegedly peeping in on a teen in a shower.

A new report indicates that Brandon Pope was at his home in Arkansas when he was allegedly caught spying on a teenaged family member. The family member was taking a bath in his house at the time. The cops were called by someone else who was at the location at the time, and TMZ reports that Brandon Pope was then arrested on voyeurism charges in what is not even the first celebrity arrest this week.

The reality star appeared in an episode of Naked and Afraid on Discovery in the spring. During the episode, the TV personality talked about being a former hometown basketball player who later got into trouble with the law as a young man. This time, Brandon Pope was arrested on one charge of voyeurism and his bail has been set at $50,0000. He is still currently in jail as he awaits facing the charges.

If you’ve watched Naked and Afraid recently, there’s a very good chance you’d recognize Brandon Pope, because he was part of a very memorable episode. During his episode, called "Ring of Fire," an actual fire was started while the show was filming. It got out of control while the contestants weren't at the site and the producers actually had to step in during the episode in a rare move to actually help put the fire out. We see ticks in weird places and more quite often on that show, but a fire is a whole lot more memorable.

This unfortunately isn’t the first time a Naked and Afraid star has been arrested and it’s not even the first time an incident has happened in 2020. Back in June, another contestant who appeared on the Discovery show, Matt Alexander, was also arrested. In his case, the charge was a domestic violence charge in Louisiana. Alexander had been accused of hitting his girlfriend while they were driving together. She also said he had kept her in the vehicle for some time after against her will, as well.

We’ll let you know if there are any more updates related to the arrest. In the meantime, Naked and Afraid is still a popular series, but isn't currently running new episodes on Discovery. To see what else the network has coming up, as well as other fall TV coming soon, take a look at our full schedule.

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