Watch The Boys' Antony Starr Fail At Chugging Homelander's Milk In Hilarious Season 2 Blooper Video

homelander blooper reel the boys season 2

The Boys features one of the most dependable ensemble casts in TV, and both its main antagonist and protagonist are played by actors who are at once freakishly intimidating and endlessly hilarious. I'm talking of course about Antony "Homelander" Starr and Karl "Billy Butcher" Urban, whose menacing demeanors were turned completely upside-down in The Boys' superb Season 2 blooper reel. For those who wondered if Starr had any issues while horny-drinking all that milk, now we have proof.

With a variety of different stumbles, dialogue gaffes, camera bumps and more unpredictable flubbing, The Boys Season 2 blooper reel is as amusing as the show itself, and showcases just about every main actor in the bunch. (No Black Noir, but that's because he's perfect in most ways.) Grab yourself a nice, cold, refreshing, wet, thick and creamy glass of milk and enjoy the video below!

No lie, if it wasn't for a certain someone's tolerant AF approach to lactose, then I think my favorite moment in the blooper reel might have been from filming the finale, when Karl Urban's Butcher angrily attempts to shoot his gun at Stormfront, only there was an errant leaf stuck to it, which made the whole look about 33% less badass, but also 33% more funny. Not exactly what that scene in particular needed.

You know what that scene did need, though? More milk!

homelander drinking milk gif

Said with much sarcasm: I'm sure it must have been a blast to not only have to drink milk over and over again during takes, but to also humorously mess up some of the takes, so that the milk is just needlessly being imbibed. And to also have to imbue that performance with a touch of pervy, nostalgic lust. My first question about that scene would have been "Can we make this chocolate milk and then change the color of it in post?" Then it might have inspired such blech faces like the one above.

It's too bad we didn't get too see any bloopers from Antony Starr's Homelander getting freaky with his faux clone, or cracking up after pushing his son off of the house room. Probably best not to have any "blooper" material with kids falling from high places. (Not that the scene was actually filmed on a roof.

Kids probably shouldn't around when Jack Quaid turns into IT's Pennywise the Clown, though.

the boys hughie dancing like pennywise

The Boys Season 2 is over now, though fans can already look forward to see Jensen Ackles joining the debauchery in Season 3, which is likely going to debut in 2021. While waiting for it to arrive, head to our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way.

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