How Jensen Ackles Will Give Fans Something They've 'Never Seen Before' On The Boys Season 3

Amazon's The Boys will finally return soon for a hell-raising Season 2, which will feature some new faces such as Aya Cash's Stormfront and Shawn Ashmore's Lamplighter. But even before the new episodes could arrive, the game-changing news was announced that Supernatural star Jensen Ackles would be following up on that 15-season journey by joining The Boys for the already ordered Season 3. And to be expected, fans will be getting something completely different from Ackles' Dean Winchester on the blood-soaked superhero series.

The Boys' creator and showrunner Eric Kripke also created Supernatural and headed up the CW drama for its first five seasons before bowing out to go on to develop sci-fi shows for NBC such as Revolution and Timeless. As such, Kripke has had a lengthy relationship with both Jensen Ackles and Supernatural's loyal audience, and he teased that that fans will be getting a side of the actor that hasn't been seen before. Check his message out below.

While Supernatural obviously deals with some very mature subject matter – both in terms of the emotional storytelling and storylines that deal with evil, murderous monsters – it's obviously still a CW show that's bound tightly by the network's censorship limitations. I mean, even if it wasn't, Supernatural (and the Arrowverse and most of The CW's other fare) is purposefully geared for young adults, so it wouldn't be expected to showcase characters ripping others' heads apart in gory ways, or to feature characters who refer to others as "cunts." (And without Karl Urban's verbal expertise, there would be no point in doing the latter anyway.)

So if Eric Kripke's post is any indication, Jensen Ackles will be dropping a healthy number of F-bombs as the newly introduced Soldier Boy. (Is there a point where swearing becomes unhealthy for a show like this? Probably not.) I can only hope that the Season 3 premiere fades in and Ackles is immediately heard screaming "Fuck!" at something innocuous like a weather report or a fast food place's ice cream machine being broken.

Considering what fans will end up hearing him say, it's amusing that Jensen Ackles revealed his Boys news on social media without saying anything at all.

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But even though Jensen Ackles didn't say anything in that video, it doesn't mean The Boys took the news as quietly. Having even more superheroes joining the fray definitely won't sit so well with Billy Butcher, but we're assuming he's already aware of Ackles' character, who's said to be the very first publicly celebrated superhero. And with awareness potentially comes a plan to kill a mofo, as always indicated by Butcher's furrowed brow.

Thankfully for Jensen Ackles' fans who aren't necessarily interested in seeing him tell people to "fuck off" while punching a hole through other people's guts, the actor isn't quite finished with Supernatural just yet. It was recently announced that the pandemic-delayed Season 15 will return to The CW on Thursday, October 8, with the final two episodes set to begin production anew this week. Here's hoping everything goes smoothly so that the Winchester brothers' final adventures can be enjoyed by all before the shitshow that is 2020 is complete.

Meanwhile, The Boys will return to Amazon Prime Video for Season 2's three-episode premiere on Friday, September 4, at 3:01 a.m. ET, with single episodes releasing weekly after that. While waiting for it, head to our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way.

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