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The Blacklist is returning, and so is Katarina Rostova and whatever light she can shed on Red. There's still a lot of intrigue surrounding Liz’s mother, who struck an alliance with Liz as last season ended. Now, one of The Blacklist’s executive producers promises that Katarina has revelations about Red in Season 8. But is it a result of all of that investigating she was working on where Red is involved?

Remember, Katarina claims to not know who Red (an imposter) really is. Could she finally piece together some connections in Season 8? Ahead of last season, The Blacklist teased that Liz would learn some revelations that could impact her feelings towards Red. Well, they did. Of course, I'm not so certain that Katarina is not an imposter herself. Nevertheless, series executive producer John Eisendrath told TV Insider:

We'll have big swings, big betrayals, big reveals. Katarina has revelations about Red that drive everything to come.

A lot of big stuff is coming on The Blacklist, and that includes betrayals. We already know Liz has betrayed Red by teaming up with Katarina. So do the betrayals that John Eisendrath is speaking about relate to that? Could there be more to it than it seems? Yes, I am still championing the notion that Liz is faking allegiance to Katarina. It's the only way out for Liz -- at least, where this fan is concerned.

Amir Arison had teased that some “major stuff” will happen when The Blacklist returns. When you consider this new tease about where Season 8 is heading, it adds even more context. Last season, Katarina revealed that Red is not Ilya Koslov. It was a pretty significant reveal since Red had let Liz believe that he was Ilya when she thought she had learned the truth.

It turned out to be anything but that. Katarina could reveal anything about Red at this point, and I would not be surprised. Of course, I don't think he's the villain she's painted him as being. She kidnapped and threatened to kill Dembe’s Imam, so villainy is her area of expertise more than it is Red’s. That said, The Blacklist has said that viewers can “trust” Katarina, even if I think there is a stronger case to distrust Katarina than Red at this point.

Red has had Liz’s best interest at heart, while I have no idea what motivates Katarina outside of revenge. Dom convinced the real Ilya that they had to kill Katarina so that Liz would be safe, and Ilya ended up getting Katarina’s husband killed instead. Katarina is super angry at “Red,” though.

On the topic of Katarina, do you believe she needs to make more revelations about herself on The Blacklist and stop making it all about Red? Are you cheering her on in the war against Red? Or do you side with whoever the Raymond Reddington imposter really is? Whoever he is, viewers know he has had every good intention when it comes to Liz. Vote in the poll below!

In the war between Katarina vs. Red -- who do you support?

I wanted Katarina and Red to be mortal enemies though, as far as Liz's role in this, it's just not turning out the way I'd hoped. Find out what happens to Katarina and all of her Red revelations when The Blacklist returns in less than a month. Season 8 will be one of this fall’s premieres. It begins on Friday, November 13, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Watch the last season of The Blacklist via Netflix’s releases.

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