The Family Chantel: Royal's Wife Angenette Finally Revealed Why He May Not Trust Her

Royal and Angenette Everett The Family Chantel TLC

Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Family Chantel episode "Sister Act." Read at your own risk!

Entering the Everett/Chantel family can be equated to entering a lions' den, but 90 Day Fiancé fans likely knew that long before The Family Chantel. Those who didn't have gotten a firsthand look this season as Pedro Jimeno grilled his sister's boyfriend Alejandro Padron, and Chantel Jimeno has been questioning the intentions of her brother Royal Everett's wife Angenette since they first met.

This is in large part due to Royal, who told Chantel he knew Angenette had been speaking to other American men on social media when they first connected online. Then Royal showed up unannounced to collect Angenette when Chantel and Winter Everett took her to the club, which made Chantel believe there was something that happened between them to make him distrust her. Chantel wasn't able to pry the information of that situation out of Angenette as they went dress shopping, but TLC producers got to the bottom of why Royal may not trust his wife in a conversation outside the shop. Angenette said:

I had a miscarriage. We went to the hospital and then we found out that maybe I am two weeks pregnant, and then he doubted it. He said that maybe I hook up with another guy in the Philippines before I went here.

The bare bones of the story were there, but it's hard to fully understand what happened given the language barrier with Angenette. From the sound of it, it appears that Angenette believed she had a miscarriage with a baby that would've been Royal's, but Royal may have questioned the timeline of the pregnancy and what had happened. He then accused her of sleeping with another man before she came to marry him in America, which may be at the root of why there are so many trust issues between the two of them.

The situation was clearly something that Angenette did not want to discuss on The Family Chantel, as she said she didn't want to insult her husband or make him look bad on camera. The traditional interview style of the show was then stopped, and a camera started filming Angenette's conversation with a producer from a distance. It's unclear whether or not Angenette understood that conversation would then air on the series, or whether she was aware the cameras were rolling.

The biggest takeaway from this moment was that Chantel Jimeno and the rest of The Family Chantel family did not hear this story. I'm not sure if the context of Royal's distrust would give them any different perspective where they're any less suspicious of Angenette's intentions, though one has to question why that matters when the two are already legally married. The more important question is whether the two are comfortable with the level of trust they have in their relationship and if that will create problems in their relationship as time goes on.

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