Is All The Family Chantel's Drama Tied To Chantel And Pedro?

Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Family Chantel episode, called "A New Family Feud." Read at your own risk!

We're only a couple of episodes into Season 2 of The Family Chantel, and I'm already sensing a theme in the drama this season. That is to say, there's a source to every major drama in the season going on, and for some reason, it always comes back to Chantel Jimeno and Pedro Jimeno.

The episode opened up with a discussion between River Everett, Winter Everett, and Chantel about all the craziness behind their brother, Royal Everett, showing up to pick his new wife, Angenette Everett, from the club. Their theory is that Royal doesn't trust her not to run out on him, though it's later revealed that Royal doesn't necessarily want his Filipina wife Angenette running around with Chantel. This is especially true after Pedro's pointed questions to Royal's wife, in which he heavily implied that she's a mail-order bride just looking to live in America.

Meanwhile, Chantel is at odds with Winter for a couple of reasons. Chantel is not happy that Winter is getting closer again to her boyfriend Jah after she discovered he was hiding a son from her. This comes to a head when Winter is against posing for a family photo in a Christmas sweater, as she does not celebrate Christmas. Chantel believes this is tied to Jah's belief system and goes after her sister to the point Winter walks away from the photoshoot at the episode's end.

Then we hop over to the other side of the family where Pedro's sister Nicole Jimeno is in the Dominican Republic talking about her new boyfriend in New York City. She's in love with this man but is worried that Pedro will do something to scare him off when he goes to meet him. Sure enough, a preview for an upcoming episode shows the two meeting, and Pedro insulting the man's looks and essentially calling him a joke for no real reason.

It's very clear that The Family Chantel has some drama in Season 2, though it's questionable how much of it would be dramatic if Chantel and Pedro were not involved in it. In fact, one may even question why there would be any drama at all if Chantel and Pedro weren't around to directly challenge these situations and essentially stir the pot to rile up their respective family members. It may make for good television, but I can't imagine at the end of the day any of the family would want to confide in them anytime soon if they're just going to inject themselves into it to keep the drama rolling on their series.

To be fair, I do know it's more or less a given that The Family Chantel wouldn't have gotten a spinoff if their family wasn't this involved in each other's business like this. Even so, the fact that Pedro and Chantel are at the heart of every conflict in the season so far really presents them as somewhat villainous. I feel like I should be wanting to root for them, but instead, I'm just hoping they focus on their own goals and maybe lay off on their relatives so much? It won't happen, of course, so hopefully, things don't just get too chaotic due to their pot-stirring.

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