Bachelorette Spoilers: Tayshia Adams' Men And How Her Season Might Play Out

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WARNING: Potential SPOILERS ahead for Season 16 of The Bachelorette with Tayshia Adams! Look away if you want to remain as pure as Clare and Dale's love!

Wow. Guys? Tayshia Adams is finally our Season 16 star of The Bachelorette! And, tonight will see her begin to interact with her new menfolk, who happen to be Clare Crawley's old sorta-menfolk, but it promises to be a scintillating, smile and tear-filled journey toward (possible) forever love! We've already been able to share some potential spoilers about who Miss Tayshia will end up with at the end of this pandemic dating road, but now there's more info on the men she'll be choosing from and how her (far too short) season might play out.

I know what you'll already thinking, "What do you mean, Tayshia's men? You just said her men are Clare's old men." And, I realize that. Look, this season has been a mass of confusion from Day 1, alright? At any rate, one of the major questions many in Bachelor Nation have had about this season is how many suitors Tayshia will have and whether or not the show will bring in more men for her, because leads typically get to choose from 25 to 30 potentials.

As is obvious, Tayshia is not going to have a full season, so it makes more sense to let her begin with fewer hotties to date. But, according to Reality Steve, there is some good news on the way for those who feel as though Tayshia is being given the short end of the man stick. (I'm not even sure if that's a pun or not, so do with it what you will!) Apparently, the producers will, in fact, bring in more dudes for her to examine, and it's going to happen soon.

Tonight will bring fans Episode 5, and Tayshia will be talking to the 16 men who were left after Clare Daled. (Like bailed. That one was a pun, you guys. Stay with me, here.) But, later in the episode, and I'm guessing this will happen at some point after Chris Harrison tells Tayshia that everything's about to change, the show will bring in another four men-types for our new leading lady! This means that she gets a larger slate of 20 bros, and everyone will meet newcomers Spencer Robertson, Montel Hill, Peter Giannikopoulos, and Noah Erb by the end of the episode.

And, good for Tayshia, too, because she will be quite taken with Mr. Robertson, and give him her first impression rose. The group date is said to lead to a bit of drama between Spencer and Riley, with the group date rose going to Eazy. Later, Tayshia will have her first 1-on-1 date with Brendan, which goes very well, and Tayshia will also give him a rose.

Now, a much bigger question we still have is how much time we'll spend with Tayshia as she looks for love. As I said, she's got fewer men to makeout with, so it would take less time, anyway. But, as Reality Steve points out, that will still mean that her part of the season will be sped up to an unbelievable degree. This is in part because Tayshia won't send anyone at all home during Episode 5, because she wants more time to get to know all of them better.

The finale and After the Final Rose is still set for December 22, meaning we have, at most, six episodes for Tayshia to go from 20 men, down to her chosen ONE. And, I'm saying "at most," because if we get the Men Tell All as its own standalone episode, that will only leave us with five episodes for all of the dates, rose ceremonies, faux hometowns, and all important fantasy suites.

Steve also pointed out that in a normal season, going from the final four choices to one person takes a whopping three episodes. So, either they will announce at some point that we'll get two episodes in one (or more) of the upcoming weeks, or each episode past this week's will have two (or more?) rose ceremonies.

At any rate, I'm already wishing Tayshia got her own, full, normal season of The Bachelorette, but we can all tune in at 8 p.m. EST, to ABC, every Tuesday to see how this all plays out!

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