The Bachelorette's Clare Crawley Has A Truly Weird Regret From Her Season

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One might assume that there would be many things which Clare Crawley, (current) lead of the most talked about Bachelorette season ever, would look at from her time on the show and regret. Wading through quarantine just to stick with filming her Season 16 while stuck in one location, could make that list. As might (potentially) leaving her season only 12 days into said filming to head off into the sweaty sunset with Dale Moss, before giving her other suitors much of a chance to connect with her. Apparently, though, Clare actually has a truly weird regret from her season.

Now that we've finally gotten our first look at Clare on The Bachelorette with last week's premiere, she's been doing the rounds of press to talk about all of the rumors regarding her season. While appearing on Daily Pop recently, Clare was asked to open up about any regrets she has because of the decisions she made during filming, and even though she said nothing came to mind at first, she did cop to one oddball regret. Most of us may not have been through a wild experience like The Bachelorette, but I still think several of us can understand this. According to Clare:

I'll tell you. There is one thing...I ate way too many chicken nuggets. I swear to you, I had it for every single meal. I congratulated myself after every single rose ceremony—getting through 12 hours of handing out roses—with chicken nuggets every single day. I do regret that. I do regret that.

Well, golly. Who among us has not regretted eating too damn many chicken nuggets? Or, too many cookies, slices of pizza, nachos, hell, even ingesting too many carrots could lead to second thoughts about one's decision-making powers. The chances of chowing down on too much of literally anything are basically endless! Unless you've never been tempted by any food, you will certainly feel Clare's pain on this front.

Of course, the much bigger story regarding temptation and Clare's time as Bachelorette is her hotly rumored romance with Dale. The widely held assumption is that she quit filming (or was persuaded to leave) after her intense and immediate attraction to Dale became overwhelming and left the previously lovelorn lady too struck dumb by desire to continue even considering the other men cast for her season. We've been told that producers then brought in Tayshia Adams (from Colton Underwood's 2019 Bachelor season and that year's Bachelor in Paradise) to take over rose-giving duties.

Now, even though these are what the reports claim happened, no one behind the show has confirmed it, and, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere, we've yet to see or hear Tayshia in an official promo for this season. Meaning, obviously, that all of it could be true or just some of it, and we still don't have a clear picture of how any of these potential shockers might go down on the show.

We're also hearing that Clare and Dale did actually get engaged (even though they'd only been face to face for a few days at that point), so who really knows what could be coming down the pike? My guess is that we can at least count out a future wedding dinner featuring chicken nuggets, unless Clare and Dale decide to get real cute with their (implied) future nuptials.

We can see how everything with Clare, Dale and those chicken nuggets shakes out (Did she share? Did Dale ask her to?) when The Bachelorette continues Season 16, Tuesdays on ABC at 8 p.m. EST!

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